Rumor Mill: Vodafone’s own 845 Budget Android Phone?


Rumour has it on the interwebz that Vodafone are creating their very own budget phone for around €150 (approx. £130) and it should be released before the summer in May.

Vodafone-845The rumour seems to have started from Dutch website where they say the phone will pack the latest Android OS 2.1 (can I call it the latest?), a resistive 2.8″ QVGA screen, a 3.2 mega pixel camera and of course Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 3G, aGPS & an accelerometer as standard.

If this is true it seems to follow in the foot steps of T-mobile with their budget phones – the T-mobile Pulse and the Pulse Mini. Being this cheap maybe we’ll see this available on pay-as-you-go?  If correct, it  would also go with Vodafone’s current commitment to stocking the latest Android handsets and publishing apps on the Market to go with their new 360 service which integrates social networking and contacts.

In fact, the other week there was an app published by Vodafone which said “this is a test, do not download”…… so what do you? Egging me On? Psshhh – I downloaded it! It seems to have been some sort of Vodafone maps/navigator. Maybe this will come pre-loaded too – who knows?

Vodafone is yet to make a solid announcement though it seems to be referred to as the “Vodafone 845”, the name could change around launch though.

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see!


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  1. /yawn

  2. Not so yawn for where i am standing , i am looking for a cheap android phone and this doesnt sound bad at all ! For this price i could just buy it for fun ! The tattoo has similar specs and costs about 250.

  3. Interesting but having bought the htc magic through vodafone uk and finding out sometime after that they had crippled the hardware the hardware (less ram etc) I no longer trust them as far as I could throw them when it comes to hardware. Gonna buy a nexus once my contact runs out, probably will be nexus v2 by then.

  4. oh yes, €150 / £130, I am very familiar with those currencies. (I lie)

  5. @brett check for currency rates. quite volatile these days. why can americans only count in usd?

  6. 130 pounds is like 260 American dollars but if that was sold in America it would sell for $150 retail.

    Pie eater – don’t be so ignorant I am American and i know the currencies and how to convert them, I of course have been to and lived in Europe and to the GB

  7. yay for more competition in Android devices, I don’t care if it doesn’t have the latest bells & whistles (but let’s not release anymore Android 1.5 devices please). It gets more people onto the Android platform, which drives more app developers, which benefits us all.

  8. @pie-eater
    it’s not really about counting, but you are right, brett should at least be aware of european currency.

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