Android 2.1 on ODROID Developer Edition


The ODROID Android Gaming device has SO much potential, it’s a shame that nothing has reached the public beyond the Developer’s Edition. If you don’t remember ODROID it’s a PSP lookalike with (oddly) 3 D-Pads and HDMI video out that allows you to connect your device to a big TV for extra intense gaming. We kind of forgot about ODROID but with the new 3D Gaming features of the Android NDK added to the obvious fact that the HardKernel are keeping their ODROID up to date has us optimistic.

And by up to date I mean they’ve got it working on Android 2.1:

The description of the above video claims the ODROID will be available in early March. Well… we’re here in early March but I’m guessing this launch will also be a Developer Edition device. I’m eager for SOMEONE to come out with an HDMI-out capable Android that is built with gaming in mind – whether it be ODROID or something else. Hey Sony… whaddaya say you take a ride on the wild side and make a Playstation Phone based on Android?


THAT would be the day…

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  1. I liked the idea of Android on Phones and Tablets but I don’t know about PSP clones as it will just get confusing.

  2. How will it get confusing? Anyone in the market looking for a PSP will sure know the difference between this and a Sony PSP! Hell, it doesn’t even actually look like a PSP….

  3. The three D pads aren’t that odd: it could actually be pretty sweet. Any game with vertical orientation (instead of PSP-style horizontal orientation) could use the two D pads that would then be at the bottom–think more like the original Gameboy. Anyone for an old-school scrolling shooter game like 1942?

  4. I would love to have a controller dock with an analog sticj for my droid.

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