Dec 11th, 2009

Put Android on a device meant for gaming, provide HDMI Out connectivity, load up a sweet game, connect it to a big freaking TV and what do you get? The potential for an amazingly kick butt gaming experience. Decide for yourself as this guy plays Speed Forge 3D on the ODROID:

When I initially saw this device I pretty much laughed at the layout – but i”m laughing no longer. We’ve also shown you HDMI Out on the ODROID before but this is really on another level using the accelerometer and all that jazz.

The ODROID is developed by HardKernel and it seems they’ve launched an ODROID Developer Site and it seems they’re app/game distribution partner will be SlideMe – yup, they’re still alive and kickin’! According to ElectricPig there is a WorldWide develop version of the device available for $349 but I’ve been unable to track down a place you can actually purchase. Plus I gather it’s rather buggy and non-friendly for consumers anyways.

Things are looking good! I’m betting that in addition to 2010 being a big year for Chrome OS around the holidays we’re also going to see a ton of Android devices that are non-smartphone types. Gaming handhelds. Home entertainment pieces. MIDs. Tablets. Man… I’m already excited for 2010 holidays!

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