Mar 10th, 2010

A few lucky lads in the Netherlands are already reporting that their HTC Legend’s are arriving, so say members of the Dutch site And just in time for the rest of Europeans awaiting the device, reviews are starting to pop up that fulfill all your need-to-know-abouts for the phone.

The must thorough review I’ve seen thus far from Tracey&Matt who first provided a short demo of the device:

And then do a HUGE review covering nearly aspect of the hardware and software. They conclude:

Overall the HTC Legend is as good as I thought it would be. It may not suit everyone due to its size but for those of you that have big hands then the HTC Desire will be with us soon. It seems to do everything very well and with great ease. I love the new features in Sense UI and I’m sure these will get even better in time. With Windows Phone 7 Series being launched later in the year and manufactures not being allowed to customise the user interface HTC can concentrate on their Android devices. What ever happens, if I had to use the Legend for the next year I would be more than happy to. Another Stirling job HTC. Good on ya!

The always dependable Engadget also performed a lengthy review and seemed to agree that the Legend is more than capable:

It’s safe to say that HTC’s broken yet another mold with the Legend, stunning the world with both its hardware and software design. There’s no question about the unibody’s toughness, and many other features we’ve seen here are of significant improvements over the Hero, namely the AMOLED screen (in general), FM radio, optical trackpad (debatable), still camera and the new goodies plus performance boost in Sense UI. Sure, there are major flaws in the battery life and video recording performance, but the positive mind in us are hoping that these can be fixed via a software upgrade, if they weren’t of hardware glitches.

title i am legendNow that those who pre-ordered the Legend are having it arrive on their doorstep, I’m sure it isn’t long before a whole heap of HTC Legend reviews hit the net. But with these two whoppers of reviews, I’m not sure you’ll need any others.

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