Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Unboxed Carefully, Officially


In the old days we used to see lucky ladies and gents unboxing brand new devices as soon as they got them and with great excitement. In the last few years though, as more companies push buzz through their own blogs, “official” unboxings have become much more regular. They lack a certain luster that fanboys provide when they rip open a package for the first time, but hey – an unboxing is an unboxing:

Gustaf was on vacation so Marten helped out on the official unboxing of the X10, performed by the Sony Ericsson Product Blog. The box is retail ready but what’s inside could of course be customized for each carrier and I suppose the exterior could as well. The Xperia X10 has been a LONG time coming so it’s long awaited arrival will be very welcome, if not only to move it out of the upcoming/leak/rumors associations.

Rob Jackson
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  1. It’s nicer looking than I thought it would be.. Alot skinnier too..

  2. Great! so maybe by june we’ll be able to see a video of him turning it on?!
    Fuck Sony.

  3. jo, you took the words right outta my mouth

  4. @jo.

    Sweden, Norway, Germany and Japan will get the X10 at the end of this month or early April.

  5. And the X10 is bundled with the MW600 hifi headset.


  6. yes that was perfect! cause when someone want’s to see an unboxing they are ONLY interested in what comes in the box… the phone, charge cable battery and manual… WOW that is SO different from everyone elses phones unboxing, good thing no one wants to see the thing turn on or anything! GJ Marten your amazing! :)

  7. “In the old days we used to see lucky ladies unbox”

  8. I don’t see any purpose to that video.

  9. @mojo
    I thought only Canada was getting it b4 everyone else, which is not b4 end of Q2.

  10. Anybody know where I can buy one of these unlocked?

  11. @anon

    I say my good man! I propose that we shall NOT unbox the fair ladies! Yes, I say that the ladies should most definitely KEEP their boxes! And furthermore, that they should be allowed to OPEN their boxes for whomever they so choose! Or LEAVE their boxes open for ALL to enjoy!

  12. LOL @jo

  13. QuickTime on the back of the box? WTF?

  14. is this an android phone??

  15. PS3 integration…

  16. @weiman
    The CD in the retail box contains a QT-movie. That is why they have to have the logo on the box.

  17. I would have liked to see the phone get turned on and to have a look at the OS.

  18. @Dipol
    No, the X10 will be released in some parts of europe and in japan march/april. (or at the end of Q2 as SonyEricsson said when the phone was announced in november)

    SE made the decision to first release it in the markets where Droid and Nexus hasnt been released. Seems like a smart move.

  19. At the end of Q1…is what I meant. ^^

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