Evernote Coming Pre-Installed On Samsung Android Phones


evernoteIf you’re looking for a note-taking Android Application and ask around, chances are someone will direct you to Evernote. It does a lot more than just take notes:

Evernote for Android is a free application that allows individuals to create notes, snap photos, and record audio. Users can instantly find any notes that were created on their phone, desktop computer, or the web. In addition, Evernote automatically makes snapshots containing printed or handwritten text searchable — great for business cards, whiteboards and wine labels.

The company has joined forces with Samsung and many of the manufacturer’s Android handsets will now come pre-installed with the application. The Samsung Behold 2 for T-Mobile recently enjoyed a software updated and Evernote was included in the package, becoming the first to incorporate the new partnership.

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, commented on the development:

“We’re incredibly excited to be working closely with Samsung on their line of Android phones. Android represents Evernote’s fastest growing mobile platform. This partnership helps Evernote reach a huge new audience with our promise of perfect memory for everyone.”

I’m all for manufacturers and carriers pre-installing apps on their phones, often times reducing the burden for smartphone/android newbies to hunt down applications they might enjoy or find useful. Evernote definitely fits in that category.

Any Evernote users? Chime in with your experience – both good and bad!

[Via Press Release]

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  1. (insert sound of crickets)

  2. The evernote android app is pretty weak at the moment.
    I hope this means they well spend more time improving it!

  3. shadow wrote: “The evernote android app is pretty weak at the moment”

    And so are Samsungs Android offerings…

  4. The problem with Evernote is that it doesn’t sync. To access your notes, you need an Internet connection. Useless when flying or out of signal. That’s why I switched to (3banana Android app). That’s a much better solution.

  5. i totally agree with DSC. the main issue with evernote is that it requires constant connectivity as you can’t have any of your notes on your device, but only in the cloud. until they sort this out i’ll stay with 3banana/snaptic. (which needs a much better desktop implementation. the phone app became nearly perfect better with last update, it only needs voice notes and then will be complete.)

  6. It was taking up precious real estate on the Behold 2 … I removed it immediately I got the OTA update … as well as Where’s Waldo and that stupid Midnight Bowling 2.

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