Google Maps Gets Biking Directions, Mobile Version Coming Soon


Google keeps piling on the features for their “Maps” software, an already impressive service that continues to pile on features and capabilities. The latest addition is biking directions:

The entire map changes when you select biking directions to highlight roads/streets without vehicles, with bike lines, and other streets recommended for cyclists. You can also select a biking layer to display ALL recommended bike routes – a GREAT feature for planning a biking trip in uncharted territory.


Google has already said they’ll make Biking Directions available for mobile and I assume it will become a “Layer” within Google Maps for Android in the near future. I’d recommend going into Google Maps on your Android Phone, pressing “Menu”, then “More”, then “Labs” and seeing what new features you can “test” that are in beta. Right now Bike Directions aren’t on there… but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them soon – especially seeing how handy it would be when on the go.


[Via Press Release]

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  1. I can see myself using this quite a bit once they map out my town’s bike-friendly routes (we just got street view). All I’ll need then is a bar-mount for my phone.

  2. I can’t wait for this to hit Canada.

  3. Will this help bicyclists to stop going the wrong way on one way bike lanes? Very dangerous practice BTW.

  4. “…keeps piling on the features for their “Maps” software…continues to pile on features and capabilities” twice in the same sentence! holy repetition batman! if that sentence isn’t repetitive, i don’t know what it!

  5. Wow! Cool! I’m riding a bike! Just what I need!

    The only problem is that I live in Europe… But I hope Google add EU soon (:

  6. Can’t wait for this to be available as a layer, I use my Magic all the time for tracking and timing my rides so I can see this being incredibly useful.

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