T-Mobile Makes Motorola CLIQ XT Elevator Pitch


So you’re a T-Mobile employee and you’re standing in an elevator with a customer for 60 seconds. You desperately want to sell them the Motorola CLIQ XT but aren’t exactly sure how to make the sale in that limited amount of time. No problem – that’s what training (and pamphlets) are for:


The above is from a pamphlet provided to employees and leaked to Engadget.  For the folks who can’t read fine print, allow me to help:

Sell It in 60 Seconds

  • The MOTOROLA CLIQ XT with MOTOBLUR is the thinnest Android phone at T-Mobile. The CLIQ XT gives you access to thousands of apps from Android Market, plus it has MOTOBLUR – a service that automatically syncs messages, emails, posts and pictures from your favorite accounts to one place – not into separate apps.
  • MOTOBLUR also syncs, consolidates, and updates your work and play contacts – automatically in real time. So if your friend chanes a phone number on Facebook, the change will also be reflected in your contacts book. You can view a contact’s latest profile picture and status update at a glance, from the Happenings widget, your contacts book, or even when you get an incoming call.
  • Of course, you can share your world as well – snap pics with the 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and post them to all your favorite sites, or update your status across Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with just one click
  • Plus, CLIQ XT’s enhanced Google HTML browser and Adobe Flash Lite let you see more of the Web, while pinch-and-zoom and the front-touch navigation tool give you more control of it.

So… are you sold? Not yet? No problem… allow me another minute of your time to reveal a wee-bit more of the pamphlet:




How ’bout now?

By the way I definitely agree with Mary Morgan at the moment.

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  1. thinnest android phone? even thinner than the nexus one?

  2. I think they mean SOLD at tmo

  3. Want to sell me a phone in an elevator, make a phone call! One exception glass elevators on the outside of buildings. Make a call from inside one of those concrete shaft elevators, you’ve got my business.

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