HTC Legend Launching March 23rd In UK


legend-backThe HTC Legend is, by mostly all accounts, a stunning piece of mobile technology that performs quite well. It’ll most likely immigrate to America at some point, but as of March 23rd, UK Android fans will have first crack at the Hero successor. It seems as if the price starts at £376 including VAT.

Which carrier will enjoy the Legendary company? That isn’t yet official but reports are that it could be a Vodafone exclusive. We’ll keep you posted as official (or unofficial) details emerge.

[Via Clove]

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  1. I’m going to the UK in a couple months. Can I buy this over there and bring it back to Canada to use on any of our networks?

  2. @Mur
    You have to check what frequencies the phone supports and then compare it to the frequencies to what the carrier in Canada uses.

  3. This article is incorrect. The Legend will go on sale (and I mean physically) TOMORROW in The Netherlands. So tomorrow the first Legend owners will appear online.

  4. In fact, some stores already have it in stock today. So tomorrow it’ll be unleashed to the public.

  5. I’m sorry macro, but “The Netherlands” is not an important country and therefore “Does Not Exist” nor does it have “People”

    So the first REAL people to have access to the HTC Legend will be the UK, because its a REAL country.

    On a side note… Does “The Netherlands” have access to the Android Market yet? If it does, it’ll improve your application to be counted as a “real” country.

  6. It will be interesting to see which network it goes on in the UK :D

  7. ccongdon you’re a stupid moron, nice that we have the legend before you losers on a little island.

  8. @Cor I in no way endorse what ccongdon wrote but they don’t say anywhere on their post that they’re British – they’re merely an ignorant xenophobe, so please refrain from slagging off us ‘losers on a little island’. If ccongdon is British then I am terribly sorry and we’ll try to keep our silly opinions to ourselves.

  9. @ccongdon I was simply replying to this part: “UK Android fans will have first crack at the Hero successor.”

    The Netherlands indeed do have full access to the Android Market.

  10. Besides, The Netherlands are apparently important enough to launch the Legend here first.

  11. Where can i get it at that price in uk ?any website store?

  12. ccongdon…

    Dunno where you’re from, I guess UK. Surely the decent, British, way would be to welcome Nederland comments, and any others from any other country…

    Marco, apologies on behalf of all decent people everywhere…

    Stone me, talk about “Little Englander…”


  13. Vodafone have announced both the Legend and the Desire at MWC, so they will be surely carrying in the UK; remains to be seen if it’s going to be exclusive.

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