CLIQ XT Pics Leaked On The Double


The Motorola CLIQ XT is a keyboardless version of the original CLIQ with some improvements such as Flash Lite. I won’t give you the phone’s complete run down but if you want to be “sold” then I suggest you listen to a quick pitch. But what I WILL show you is two pictures from two different sources who have their hands on some leaked pics.

The first is from TMOtoday – see more pictures from them here:


And the folks at DroidSector also got some lucky XT loveliness-here for more:


Not too long before you’ll be enjoying the CLIQ XT yourself instead of having to rely on others – sit tight!

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  1. It’s rather ugly :/

  2. I got a chance to play with this yesterday. Allegedly is has Flash Lite and pinch-to-zoom, but I couldn’t get either to work; could be related to my five minutes with the damn thing. It feels very wide; for comparisons sake that silver rim around the phone will contain the myTouch with a little room to give.

    The keyboard is a nice change of pace, with gaped letters. Other than that, it’s the same Cliq we all know. Still running the same crappy 1.5.

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