Noah From PhoneDog Talks Apple/HTC Lawsuit On FOX TV


Our friend Noah from got some heavy duty television coverage when he was featured on FOX BUSINESS TV discussing the “Apple/Google War” as they call it. We were having trouble embedding the video so just click through and – watch it here.


Noah does a good job overviewing the situation and dives into some details, dropping knowledge on the anchors as he dances from topic to topic. Oh yeah… and at the end as they ask him what his FAVORITE phone is, guess what he says? You guessed it – the Nexus One.

Great interview, Noah.

[Thanks James!]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Wow what an ugly individual.

  2. no way! NOAH said his favorite phone was the nexus one? he’s one of the biggest macfags EVER. i really don’t believe it.

  3. oh, and the video seems to be embedded at the very top of the screen.

  4. Lol I tried to watch the video from my Moment and guess what *shakes phone upside down* no flash xD…. when adobe… when?

  5. Good show. Noah :) Kept fox quiet. Made me happy.

  6. holy hell..
    I never thought I noah would pick the nexus one over the iphone

  7. @Samuel Maskell – I thought the same exact thing. Noah usually does enough slurping on the iPhone you would think that Jobs was cutting him a check directly. Glad to see this time at least that logic over took his bias.

  8. @noidea, lol shut up and go back to watching your zealot boyfriend Rachel Maddow.

  9. HTC Desire is delicious! agreed. I really like how Noa brought a little piece of this our blog world to the news.

  10. I was amused at how pro-HTC the female presenter was. She was practically promoting and gushing over the HTC Desire at the end.

  11. NAH-KEY-YA? is that how it’s pronounced? Thought it was NO-KEY-YA

  12. @matt

  13. @OutstandingO
    O, the irony…

  14. @Jeff

    You thought right. It’s NO-key-ya.

  15. ha ouch noah picked the favorite phone to be nexus one..
    lol right on national tv.. millions of viewers.. didnt make apple look to good lol
    hell yeah
    the lawsuit isnt going to affect nexus one releasing on verizon wireless!

  16. He said they had a dog fight between the Nexus One, iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre Plus. Out of the 3 he chose the N1 as the best phone out of the three. How does that translate to “The N1 is my favorite phone”?

  17. It’s pronounced ‘knock-ee-ah’


    1 N1 Wins
    2 How did the video end up on top of the banner?

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