Vodafone Prices HTC Legend, Free This Month


vodafone-legendIt seems Vodafone might be the first to offer the HTC Legend, claiming they’ll have it at the end of the month for free with a £35/monthly tariff or £1.99 (about $3) for those paying £35/month. The more expensive monthly plan has 600 compared to 300 monthly minutes with both plans offering unlimited texts.

Not too shabby when you add it all up. Although it will land in other areas of the world with a heftier pricetag attached, I’m pretty sure plenty of people will find themselves forking over the necessary funds to call the Legend theirs. Are you one of them?

[Via Pocket-Lint]

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  1. I think you mean £1.99 on £25/month contracts and free on £35/month ones. That’s what androidguys had anyway :)

  2. I just hope Sprint does not change the look.

  3. Sprint is getting this phone right

  4. dear usa people: when comparing your contracts to uk ones, keep in mind that those 300 minutes are not used when receiving calls.

  5. Any idea on whether both the £25 and £35 plans will include unlimited (well voda’s 500mb limit) internet? I’m guessing not, but even with that extra £5 a month those plans seem pretty reasonably priced.

  6. Sprint supposedly has to because no htc phone can have a chin in the US but all will have one in Europe.

  7. I think the £35 is a bit pricey and I think they should lower it as otherwise they won’t get as many sales as they want.

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