T-Mobile CLIQ XT Spotted In The Wild


The non-keyboard version of the Motorola CLIQ – named the CLIQ XT although it takes something away rather than provides something “XTra” – was just spotted in the wild thanks to the folks at AndroidCentral… take a look:





While the device was confirmed to be running Android 1.6 with Wi-Fi and MOTOBLUR, it seems maybe there IS a little something extra. The CLIQ XT has, according to the tipster, touch sensitive sides to the phone that will allow for selection of apps without using the touchscreen OR trackpad. I’d love to see something like this utilized as extra buttons for a hardware keyboard, perhaps for a common button like spacebar?

The date March 10th has been thrown around but nothing official yet, although it’s apparent something official is close.

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  1. has motorola asked to a special designer to do the droid?
    all others moto devices are pretty ugly IMO…this included.


  2. And people said that the G1 was ugly. *vomit*

  3. lol @jake.

  4. That has to be one of the ugliest phones ever! Why does Tmo always get the ugliest phones? either the person who makes the final decision on the phones with Tmo is blind or just an old @ss person that has no style to nice, sleek phones!

  5. Ugly @$$ $#!t

  6. OK where is total bluetooth support? I mean hands free. Not partially hands free, I mean totally hands free!

  7. lol, lol, lol what the hell is that.

  8. The Cliq XT I had my hands on was running 1.5. It does have support for multi-touch and a nice trackpad, but I have no idea what side buttons you’re talking about. Something extra is Flash Lite support. Oh, and XT stands for Extra Thin.

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