HTC Legend Clears The FCC


htc-legend-fcc-02-23-2010The other day we saw the HTC Legend hit Amazon’s virtual store. Now, it has passed through the FCC and  will be coming to Sprint here in the U.S.  If you have not seen the specs make sure you check them out. Although there hasn’t been any other photos of the Legend, I found a video some of you might be interested in. Everyone has been discussing how the construction of the Legend and the aluminum casing:

I am a fan of the aluminum construction! Gives it a nice clean look with durability. Guess we will have to see how heavy it makes the phone but hopefully it can stay on the lighter side. Anyhow, since it has passed the FCC should be only a matter of time before we start seeing more information from Sprint on a launch date. How do you feel about the Legend and it’s aluminum construction? Anyone bummed it is only launching for Sprint, as of now?

[via IntoMobile Engadget]

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  1. Actually we don’t know where it’s officially launching anywhere. Everything is still speculation, and I would list such information as such. Definitive statements about things that are not definitive, only leads to loss of credibility and upset people who believed it as true. Look at the BB Tour as an example. It was supposed to go Verizon initially only, and then both Sprint and Verizon announced they’d be releasing it the same day, just before it was to be released. A simply “most likely” before speculative statements can go a long way.

  2. I thought the FCC clearance was for a GSM phone?

  3. That phone is gorgeous, but it needs a bigger screen and Snapdragon.

  4. I’m bummed out that Sprint is getting such a weak android phone. Verizon gets the Desire, while we get the Legend :(

    I also suspect that HTC has delayed the Hero’s firmware update so they can release a new phone before they update the Hero’s firmware. Screw the user tactics like that are common on Windows Mobile. Android was supposed to eliminate that.

    I’m gonna wait for the Dell Mini 5 and avoid another HTC device.

  5. It’s a nice ‘looking’ phone, but for all the effort that they put into the physical design you would think the inerds would be better. Since my beloved Hero is only 5 months old, I think I’ll pass on the Legend and patiently await the release of the Supersonic or other 1Ghz phone…

  6. I love the Legend’s aluminum casing. It conveys a level of class and sophistication much like the iPhone. However, I’m not much of a fan of the chin (didn’t like it on the G1 either). But the chin on the Legend seems better designed. However, I’m disappointed in the specs since Sprint doesn’t really have a competitive Android offering against other carriers…at least until SuperSonic. I don’t know maybe 600Mhz is enough and will still run the OS with ease but its hard to compare to other Android devices coming to market with 1Ghz and 1.5Ghz processors. I like the optical input but really wish the Legend had the dual-mics like the Nexus One. HTC’s Sense UI is outstanding but I have some reluctance now since those OEM UI’s can hold up the OS upgrades. So I’m leaning more towards the Nexus One. The problem is…there’s still no word whether N1 will go to Sprint too, which I’m unwilling to switch to another carrier.

    @greatcasa – It’s a phanboy site. Everything is speculation and nothing is truly guaranteed. So there’s really no need to indicate “most likely” before every sentence since that is inherently implied by the nature of the site’s content and focus. If you want a guarantee, you should wait until you see an ad in the local paper, a sign in the store window, or a review of a launched product.

  7. This is like constructing a built in wall safe to put your costume jewelry in! Come on, HTC! You know better.
    ->Also, who cares how much the thing weighs? …take a few keys off your keychain if you really can’t walk around with a few extra grams of lightweight aluminum (rather than plastic) in your pocket. It is nice to see Sprint getting more choices and upping the ante, however the SuperSonic IS the news story we are waiting for…

  8. sucks… sprint needs the N1 or desire to compete, i hope it’s still possible for the desire since, big red is getting the increddible… sprint NEEDS desire OR n1 to compete with everyone else, the two phones they have are below par, and this one is too gj HTC &sprint

  9. ARGGG I cannot take no more! I’m sorry but I have to say this, the case is made out of ALUMINIUM! not ALUMINUM! everyone knows that the spelling Aluminum is not even right! why do Americans have to say Aluminum it’s just wrong. I don’t understand how difficult it is to say AH-LOO-MEE-NEE-UM Aluminium.

  10. Jo, before you start bashing on spelling and pronunciation, you should check your grammar.”Cannot take no more” is a double negative…just saying. I like the casing of the Legend. However, it is not enough of an upgrade from my Hero. I also do not like the large amount of space and margin from the bottom of the phone, and where the screen starts. It just looks odd.

  11. @ Jo, in western english it is ALUMINUM. Just like over here it’s COLOR, HARBOR, etc…
    Sorry, I know it’s off topic, but I couldn’t let that one slide…

  12. I can’t stand the incorrect pronunciation “A-LOO-MIN-UM” either…it’s just not the way the word is said yet Americans seem to persist in mispronouncing it.

    The word is “Aluminium” – pronounced “AL-YOO-MIN-EE-UM”!

    Don’t even get me started on people who say “TOOB” instead of “CHOOB”…

  13. @Patrick C – Its not pronounced “toob” or “choob”. Its pronounced “tube”. There is a distinct difference between the “too” sound and the “tu” sound. And if you say “choob” then you’re really in no place to be correcting people on their pronunciation! Do you also say “fing” instead of “thing” and “expresso” instead of “espresso”?

  14. The Phandroid comments have hit an all time low! Thanks for taking this all to a new level of geek you crazy Brits. :-P I am going to boot you in the ass on the elevator and then take you for a lift in the trunk of my car, hahaha. You say tomato, I say eat my balls because I will keep spelling things the american way.

  15. The Legend is NOT confirmed for any carrier. BTW, check out the label, there will be a sim card slot on the Legend…..which Sprint DOES NOT use.

  16. That is for the European version. The original Hero also has a SIM, and as you know, Sprint’s version does not.

  17. Although, some Sprint phones do have SIM cards…they’re known as world phones. They use both CDMA and GSM.

  18. btw, some Sprint phones have GSM and CDMA radios, therefore use SIM cards. They are called world phones. No word if the legend will be. Also, it may not even be called legend, some have said Hero 2…guess we shall see.

  19. Sprint will drop the “CHIN” and Hero it out, thats fine with me except that I already have a Hero and this is not much of an upgrade, will wait for Supersonic next phone will be 4G. There is no point in getting 3G will be obsolete next year.

  20. These comments on spelling and pronunciation are laughable. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Yours truly,
    Pope Innocent II

  21. I am just now entering the smart phone world… I know, very late to the party… and am now stuck in this dilemma of waiting for the next best thing. I had AT&T and want to switch to Sprint for coverage reasons – I was about to pull the trigger on the Hero but then I started reading about the Legend/Hero 2 (?). Of course, these are still speculations so I’m in a quandry. How long do these phones normally take to get to the US? If I get the Hero now, will I be able to upgrade to Android 2.1 or is that another reason to wait?

    Arggh! This is all new to me and pretty overwhelming.

    Thanks for any input!

  22. Aesthetics count, and though I too wish the innards of the Legend were that of the Desire … god what a gorgeous phone. I’ve heard from those that have personally viewed it say it has the best hand feel of any phone made.

    Unfortunately it seems the Legend will be Sprint-ified and, just as they did for the Hero, they will take all of the cutting edge “art” of the thing and make it into just another phone.


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