HTC Incredible Now In Verizon’s Inventory System


The HTC Incredible has been popping up all over the place with various sneak peak photos and specs. We told you back in December that it would be launching on Big Red so it is no surprise that it is now popping up in Verizon’s inventory. Although there is no official launch date, the fact that it is popping up in inventory is a good sign. We like when things are on and popping.

incredible-vzw-inv-1024x768If you’ve been waiting for something INCREDIBLE from VZW are cannot wait for their eventual launch of the Nexus One, then your wait seems to be coming to a close. As we have seen in the past, once a device hits the inventory system, the launch comes shortly after. This will be a great device for VZW and hopefully we will see it soon!

[via BerryScoop]

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  1. This is what I’m talking about!! I was leaning toward the Eris because. Love the Sense UI. Then when word came of the N1 I was sold. But this has the screen size and the UI I want. Great Great Great I hope it comes in March or first part of April

  2. Best news ever!

    You just made my day. I am eligible to upgrade tomorrow and was going to get the Droid, again (I got it the day it came out in November, but paid out of pocket for it, then returned it because it was a foolish purchase) but now that I see this phone in Verizon’s inventory, I can sit tight for a month or so!

  3. My plan is to use this phone to tether, and replace a data card. Is that a workable plan??

  4. @John. Verizon takes an extra 30 dollars or so for tethering capability. But is a working solution. However you may want to consider to use USB nonetheless because Bluetooth is slow.

  5. Pick up the pace phandroid, this was on androidcentral.com yesterday afternoon!

  6. @John
    you can root your phone and get the wifi tethering app for free. don’t be scared.

  7. This is great news!! Although, it was all over the place yesterday. But, that doesn’t matter. Just hope it is all TRUE. Been waiting since october to pick up something. Love the eris, just not the specs. I’ve been VERY patient not picking up the droid.. just not wild about the whole form factor; especially the keyboard. So .. please let this hit the shelves in the next coupla months!!

  8. @ John…

    Be careful. VZW has been known to charge for the data if you don’t have a tether plan. It can get expensive. Check out reviews of TetherBerry, a BB app. Some users of that have gotten dinged with some pretty heft bills…

    As for the Incredible, I am glad I did not take advantage of the BOGO and get my wife and I the Droid. I’ve been waiting for this, but when the Desire got announced with no mention of a CDMA variant, I almost pulled the trigger..

  9. ^^ Rick has echoed my thoughts exactly. +11billion!

  10. I’m definitely apart of the “love the Eris, not the specs” crowd and have been waiting for an HTC 2.1 droid with some speed behind it!

    I hope this thing drops in a matter of days/weeks not months! I can’t wait to unload my BB Pearl 8130 – this phone has GOT to go.

  11. The phone stinks. 256 mb of ram vs the 512 mb that the N1 is unexceptable. People are already talking about the N1 freezing up when you are running more than one app at a time, so with 50% less access memory on the phone it’s going to be locking up all the time. Verizon has stop being second class citizen when it come to the phone it sells.

  12. I just got done blasting VZW on a different post when I heard AT&T was getting the Desire. I take it all back if this comes through! Stop teasing and communicate the release date. Must be soon with VZW’s BOGO fire sale. Movin’ out the old stuff!

  13. Darn, I knew there would be better Android phones out soon, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. I’ve only had my Eris for 3 months, and even with my 1-year contract, I have to wait until November to upgrade. Grrrrrr. Oh well, there’s no way I’m going to pay full price for the Incredible, so I’ll just have to wait until this November. Who knows, maybe then there will be something even better than the Incredible available.

  14. @Brad – no worries I have the 1 year contract too and it’s only been 8 months since my last upgrade but Verizon will or should send you a mailer telling you to upgrade. You might get a text message also. If you don’t get the mailer go into the store and ask them to check their system. They can tell if you got one or not. It might not be right away but I doubt you’ll have to wait the whole year.

  15. Yes…now this is what I like to hear…this MAYbe better then the good old nexus one? Time will tell….

  16. Will these two new phone be able to sinc with outlook exchange server 2003 (small business server) without having to purchase 3rd party software?

  17. I’ve been a loyal customer of LA Cellular/AirTouch/Verizon Wireless for over 17 years now. I am 14 months out of contract since becoming a freelancer. Ad to it my legacy “New Every Two” discount and I think this phone will be scored for less than 2 bills.

    This is the phone that will finally force me off the still kicking Razor VR3 and into a full blown smart phone.

  18. Funny, I thought I was the only one left with a Razr. I’ve been out of contract for 3+ years waiting for Verizon to get a phone to compete with the I-Phone. AT&T coverage doesn’t work for me. I’m going to jump on this one. Can’t wait. No more I-Phone envy for me.

  19. The Verizon rep was in our offices today trying to get us to switch. I told them I would keep my iPhone and pay personally out of my pocket until the incredible came out which would mess up our switch to Verizon.

    He reached into his pocket and pulled HIS incredible out for me to play with. It was active (he received two calls on it while I was playing around with it).

    He gave me the official “could be up to 90 days for this to be released” speach but I have to think if he has one.. and is using it… it can’t be far from dropping.

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