Feb 25th, 2010

The HTC Incredible has been popping up all over the place with various sneak peak photos and specs. We told you back in December that it would be launching on Big Red so it is no surprise that it is now popping up in Verizon’s inventory. Although there is no official launch date, the fact that it is popping up in inventory is a good sign. We like when things are on and popping.

incredible-vzw-inv-1024x768If you’ve been waiting for something INCREDIBLE from VZW are cannot wait for their eventual launch of the Nexus One, then your wait seems to be coming to a close. As we have seen in the past, once a device hits the inventory system, the launch comes shortly after. This will be a great device for VZW and hopefully we will see it soon!

[via BerryScoop]

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