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Galaxy Spica Gets Android 2.1!


AboutIt’s too bad no carriers in the U.S. carry the Samsung I5700 Spica since there has just been a leak; thanks to Mad Ramblings Spica owners can install an Android 2.1 ROM! Some of the features of the ROM are the features we all want to see like the live wallpapers and Google Maps 4.0. Also included in the update is support for multiple accounts, exchange support, and an improved camera app.

As always, we recommend you do an unofficial updating to your phone with caution seeing as how it will void your contract with your carrier and potentially lock up or brick your device. Anyhow, I am very excited about this leaked ROM as maybe it is the first of many to come. I know many readers were upset with the lack of live wallpapers for the DROID 2.1 update so maybe there will be a similar unofficial 2.1 updates that bring some extras to your favorite Android device. Let us know if you are successful and like I said before, head over to Mad Ramblings for the instructions on loading the ROM and a gallery of photos.

[via IntoMobile, MadRamblings]

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  1. so does this mean that the Behold 2 is going to get the 2.1 shininess soon? they are practically the same phone just a little exterior change. Come one Samsung throw something our way!!

  2. I am pissed the Droid does not have this yet…It is Android Device #2 at this moment right behind the Nexus One and we still don’t know anything. We were promised it would come soon…back in January.

  3. Correction: The droid has never received the 2.1 update. The most recent official OTA is 2.0.1

  4. I wonder if this will mean anything to Samsung Galaxy i7500 users. Obviously it’s just Samsung adding insult to injury, giving that phone 2.1 and not the i7500, but I wonder if it can be ported to the i7500 eventually, or used to make a custom ROM. I hope so.

  5. @Minja wtf. get a grip. Its right around the corner. You get to start complaining when they stop bringing the updates. Motorola is very good at bringing the updates compared to most others.

  6. Lol, this was already like a month ago on samdroid.com.

  7. Anyone has a 2.1 upgrade for baseband i5700dxja1? I need so bad

  8. Hi…
    After updating, everything is running fine…my battery, which usually used 2 last 4 mere 5-6 hours is lasting 10-12 hrs now..
    But the main problem is, IMEI has been set to 000000000000…
    So i can’t use the phone now…

  9. Anyone has a 2.1 upgrade for baseband i5700XXIK2? I need so bad

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