Feb 24th, 2010 publishUpdated   Apr 5th, 2010, 8:17 am

So as I was laying in bed last night I stumbled upon a little something called Google Earth – for my Droid.  Having never before heard of this “Google Earth” thing I said to myself:  “Self, let’s install it.” …and so I did. It was pretty awesome.  Kept me awake far too long!


(sorry, only had a flip phone available for picture)

First, I looked around Europe a bit. I then followed a set of train tracks in Michigan for a good five solid minutes before finding a train.  Then I decided to try a voice search of “Mount St. Helens” and the next thing I know I’m using “Look-Around” to check it out in 3d.

Dare I say – sick. That’s right. I said sick.

Then I hit my location and it put this pretty little blue dot right on my house. Right on my bedroom. Right in the quadrant of the bedroom where my bed is located! As it should, by golly.  Magical.  So I then climbed up on the roof and waved at the camera and checked again, but it didn’t pick that up. :'(  I guess the magic is hit or miss! Which sucks because it was really cold and my footed onesies weren’t quite cuttin’ it.

For the simple instructions and 3rd party download, head to droid-life.com. Have fun!

Edit: P.S. Don’t let the 5mb download size worry you – once installed it’s the full ~25.

[ Droid Life ]

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