Unboxing: I Have The Motorola Devour


Ladies and gentlemen, I know have the Motorola Devour in my possession. It’s Verizon’s 3rd Android Phone and launches at BestBuy February 25th followed by VZW retail stores in March. Although its tech specs don’t quite match the Droid or Droid Eris in terms of pure horse power, I’m pretty excited about this phone if not only for the keyboard:

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Rob Jackson
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  1. Your review is better and more informative than the one on engadget. Thanks!

  2. That thing is thicker than I imagined it to be. Not a bad looking phone.

  3. wow looks like an old school tv remote control

  4. My first impression: It’s a chunky looking device. – I’m guessing you are giving the N1 away because you are a Verizon customer? Will you be getting the N1 on Verizon when it’s out?

  5. looks okay, disapointed that it doesnt come with anroid 2.0.

  6. Doesn’t the devour have a faster processor than the droid eris?

  7. sw33t brag man

  8. is it pronounced d-vow-wer? or d-vor?

  9. Wow – that thing is ugly.

    Motorola really have no idea about handset design do they?

    Its chunky, has weird flaps for protection sockets which you know will break at some point, is painted the cheapest, tackiest looking silver and is technically underpowered.

    Android deserves better than this. Luckily we have HTC to come to the rescue.

  10. I swear it looks like it has a front facing camera…

  11. The unibody is nice; however, at the same price as the Droid, why I would possibly choose this over the 2.1, 854 x 480 res, faster Droid? I wouldn’t.

    I do prefer the Devour’s design, but its CPU is “meh,” and that screen resolution is no longer satisfactory.

  12. I wonder how many pieces of toast it can hold. Yuck.

  13. It does look like a mini toaster! lol that thing is ugly still diggin my N1

  14. At least you can get to the SD card without removing the battery..

  15. @John bob: painted silver? I think it’s silver because it’s made of aluminium, not because it’s painted….

  16. I like the new implementation on battery access but that thing is bulky looking and again has to much wasted real estate. They could’ve easily graced the masses with a 4.2 inch display with the size of the device.

    Too much phone + not enough screen + Moto blur = FAIL

  17. Sorry I meant 3.7 inch screen

  18. EDIT

    *Ladies and gentlemen, I NOW have the Motorola Devour in my possession*

    not ‘know’ :P

    Sorry to be pernickety..

  19. Wow. Thanks motorola for the sidekick version 14.

  20. It has to be painted as well. Raw aluminum does not look like this no matter what sort of finish you apply to it.

  21. Did your Motorola RHroid break already?
    What a POS!

  22. I love my Devour! seems much more rugged then the Droid. So far works great! I didn’t pay Verizons price though found it for 20.00 on Wirefly.

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