Hands On Video & Unboxing With The Moto Devour


Well there has been much talk and news in recent weeks leading up to the release of the new Motorola Devour in March. It will hit Verizon with pricing of $150 after a $100 mail-in rebate. As with all Verizon smartphones, you will need a  Nationwide Talk plan  with $30 unlimited data package. Head on over to Engadget for a ton of photos as well as their initial thoughts on the Devour. They also do some comparisons to the Moto Droid for those of you who are wondering how they measure up against one another.

Looks like the Devour might just be a contender, but we will have to see how it measures up once everyone gets the 2.1 update. Anyhow, hope this satisfies your appetite a bit for some Devour news. Anyone waiting for the release to pick this one up? Or planning on switching to the Devour in hopes that it eats up your current phone? Let us know what you think about the Devour’s video debut.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I dunno, looks like the Droid is still a better phone. If motoblur is the only reason to get a devour, I would pass. Having a cliq, it seems motoblur is the cause of most of the issues my phone is getting. wish there were an option to NOT have blur, heh.

  2. Is it me or does Engadget seem a bit out of touch with Android. I thought it was common knowledge that Maps was updated on 1.6 to include Nav. Its not a hack or anything special to have this. Also they mentioned the Cliq being laggy. My wife has one and I haven’t noticed any lag. Maybe they mean as compared to a Droid or N1 because it completely blows my G1 out of the water. In fact we are thinking about trading phones because the contacts app and its one touch dial on the recent contacts is driving her nuts and the lagginess from everything I do with my phone drives me nuts. I guess I’ll get to see if it lags under my usage patterns.

  3. Hmmm, Ships with version 1.6. Total BS and total letdown. Come on Motorola, ship a phone with the lastest update installed.

    No one wants to wait on an upspecified generic “there may be an update”.

    If the phone hardware can’t take the update, then design better hardware.

    Anyone on VZW is going to wait for the Nexus One.
    I am not going to buy this toaster.

  4. Looks like a decent device. I’m looking forward to these upcoming android devices because they give me a glimpse of what’s to be available once my 2-year contract with Verizon is over. Currently, I have the Droid and am not planning on switching phones any time soon.

  5. If this can have 1.6 why don’t they shoot that over to us Cliq users for the meantime until 2.1 is ready?

    Why would anyone get this over the Droid? I like the extra row of keys.

  6. sweet man … i love both these sexy phones .. devour had megan fox market it :P .. sweet x 2

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