PowerTutor Helps Save Battery Life?


There is a free Android application called PowerTutor that tracks and displays your phone’s power usage in a nifty, easy to read graph.  You can now check in on the power requirements needed by applications and optimize your power usage to run on less juice and use less power then the initial Android settings.


PowerTutor was created for use on a G1 handset, but the creators suggest that it’s still reliable on other Android devices. The application itself uses about 5% of a handset’s CPU, so running it all the time might be counter productive to your goal. Doesn’t make too much sense to use up your battery life with an application that wears down your battery life. Anyhow, I’m going to give it a shot and see if I can tell a difference. If you decide to try it also give us a shout and let us know if see any improvement.

[via JKontheRun]

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  1. Just Downloaded and ran on my eris…. kept crashing, over and over.

  2. It consumes power. But the purpose of the app is something another. It’s a measuring app which you use for some time just to learn which app consumes the most powers and adjust your behavior as a user. Once you know how to act to save baterry, there’s no point in running it again.

  3. *use less power THAN the initial Android settings

  4. POS. Crashed on my Sprint Hero. Deleted…

  5. Nice app, but isn’t it sort of redundant if used on Android 2.x, or am I missing something?

  6. Same here… never ending “forced close” on Eris

  7. Useful, loaded on Droid worked perfectly. Once I collect data I plan on un-installing.

  8. PowerManager does it better…

  9. Force closed on bh2

  10. Please stop posting garbage apps like this that don’t even work. Spare Parts should be the news story here… it is all you need to figure out battery life.

  11. Crash crash crash on HTC Eris, waste of my time.

  12. @greatcasa, @Colts Fan, @ Duncan

    Why are you guys so pissed it’s not working? You didn’t even know about it before you read the article, but now that you do, you’re entitled to it? It even says in the article that it’s meant to be used on the G1, and it’s only ‘suggested’ to run properly on other phones. I mean, really.

  13. Downloaded onto a new Milestone with OS 2.0.1 App said it was expired, would not install.

  14. I don’t see the point in this application.
    You just got to close any un-used apps and turn off bluetooth etc.

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