Oversized Motorola Devour Display Arriving In Stores


Nothing screams device launch like oversized promotional displays and that’s exactly what we’re seeing from the Motorola Devour today. An anonymous tipster sent us the following picture of a larger-than-life Motorola Devour that would be more suitable for the giant in Jack And The Beanstalk:


In true Phandroid form, the picture above was snapped with an OG-classic G1 at a 3rd party retailer who sells Verizon phones. If this “display” was an actual, working Android Phone I’m about 95% sure I would walk around with it and use it for at least a week out of pure awesomeness. And who knows, maybe it would be my own little “iPad”.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Hah! thats awesome!!

  2. haha :D

  3. Do you know how many people are going to want a working one of those? Store employees will be sick of hearing “F that iThingy, give me one of those!”.

  4. Yep I can confirm I just got my Motorola Devour display today …

  5. maybe it’s the actual size, and everything in the background is just really small. didnt think of that did you?!

  6. Well that cant be because we use a cellbrite contact transfer machine too Aka the black thing with buttons lol the machine is 8″L x 4″W and the real Devour is only 4″ L and 2″ W :}

  7. I still think the Devour wasted a lot of real estate. The screen could have been much larger.

  8. iPad look out! Motorola Devour Tablet!!!

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