Texas Instruments Testing Android With 3 Displays


When you’re dealing with a mobile device you want to fit in your pocket, “the more the merrier” isn’t the mantra when discussing screen sizes… or number of screens. But that doesn’t mean the 3-display Android prototype Texas Instruments had on display at MWC 2010 doesn’t open the door to other opportunities. With 2 screens and a pico projector, TI was actually able to enable the controlling of one screen/projector from another screen on the same device.

And oh yeah, in addition the device can do HDMI video out connected to a 4th display, so you could potentially be viewing 4 screens, each with totally different content. In what types of scenarios can you see this being useful? I wonder/worry about battery life, too.

[Via Frandroid]

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  1. true elevator pitch, with this nifty gadget!

  2. that is what TI is all about they don’t do phones so don’t worry about that, this is a really cool concept for a future TI calculator though, a calc running android would be pretty cool.

    anything that TI puts out there doors is pretty inovative in my perspective, of course i live in their backyard so im biased lol by i mean come on, they have ROBOTS WALKING around their OFFICE delivering PAYCHECKS, by facial recognition andactually HANDING them their check… how cool is that!

  3. “In what types of scenarios can you see this being useful?”

    Think about the Nook, or the MOTO RAZR2 (something you can’t even do with stock Android), or the new Samsung projector phone.

  4. I’m not sure I see a real-life benefit to having a projector built into a phone, as it’ll probably be too weak to display a “presentation-size” picture and/or kill your battery within minutes. I think it’s the type of thing you’d show your friends once, and hardly use again.

    An HDMI port you can use to plug into a REAL projector or HDTV, however, is something I think could/would be used in many more real-life scenerios.

  5. @athir, samsung is claiming a few hours on their projector phone. as for a daily use, let say you have a car filled with people and you need directions. your friend sitting in the back has an android phone with a projector built in. he could use it so project the map on your dash so you still get the directions without having to steal his phone or have him yell out the directions too you.

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