Official eBay Application Now Available


A new eBay app for Android has just hit the market and promises to satisfy your eBay auction cravings. The new eBay app allows you to check the status of your auctions, navigate with voice commands, check status updates and view or leave feedback, all from your favorite Android device. Most importantly, the app will notify you if you get outbid so that you no longer have to stay glued to your computer for those last dire seconds of the auction.


So, this app should make life easier for you whether you are a power eBay user or just a rare bidder or seller. eBay has just made it easier for everyone to easily access their accounts without having to continually log in and navigate through their browser. Hapy bidding everyone and let us know what you think.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. I checked it out and it seems pretty decent so far. I’m currently selling my old MyTouch 3G on eBay and was able to access the auction via the new app. Very cool!

  2. compared to pkt auction, how does it do?

  3. It’s not showing up in the market for me. (Running 1.5)

  4. hi rob… can you include the funky barcodes with apps when you post them? (sorry if you normally do that..!).. i love any reason to use the camera to get to the app market! :-)

  5. I prefer pkt auction. This app force closes for every little thing I did on my MT3G. “Pkt Auctions eBay” was very helpful recently when I used it to purchase some text books. It didn’t have one problem whatsoever.

  6. @jeff: ebay’s app doesn’t allow you to search based on an item’s barcode, but it does allow voice search. it also seems like pkt auctions does a way better job with communicating to your buyer/seller: ebay’s app seems to only let you leave feedback instead of contacting them directly. ebay’s app lacks “deals” and “live chat” options as well.

  7. How about hanging off your ebay user name and password to pkt auctions? You trust them? I wasn’t sure about that…

  8. It’s not showing up in the market for me. (Running 2.0)

  9. Looks like this is just a eBay USA app, as I cannot find it on the UK Market :-(

  10. @Dilbert: haven’t had any problems with it yet (had it since the droid came out), and i use it all the time.

  11. Checked this one out today, works pretty smoothly, and has a browser-like feel but with dynamic image loading. Nice! The only downside seems to be a huge missed opportunity for eBay – considering the app has a camera available to it, why not offer mobile listing? Building a listing, capturing + attaching pictures, then sending it to “My eBay” on a PC to add in a detailed description, would seriously streamline the process.

  12. Not showing for me (g1 1.6)

  13. QR code?

  14. can’t find it running 2.1 on my magic in canada

  15. @peter101cycle, I’m in the UK and I don’t see it either, but I have requested it in XDA forums, so it’s just the matter of time until it gets posted there.

    Can you check if you see My Tracks? I used to get it and now it’s gone :-/

  16. Can’t find the app on my Hero in the UK.

    I guess I’ll stick with Pkt Auctions…

  17. Telus Hero on AT&T and I dont see it in the market either.

  18. Can’t find it in the market on my Sprint hero. Is it only for 2.0+?

  19. I have to add my 2cents….by saying Amazon gets the job done alot better from what I have seen. I have had no issues with Amazon, while with ebay I have had a few tomany…as many others have

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