Who Needs A Keyboard? Shout Your Text Messages


Shout is a new voice activated text messaging program now available in the Android Market for $2.99. Simply speak your command and text message and Shout will repeat the message back to you. For example, “Text Rob: “It seems the Hitler idea did not go over so well.” and press the “Yes” button after it repeats your message back to you and your good to go. Seems like an easy enough fix until the 2.1 voice to text rolls around.

There are a few other alternatives out there for voice to text so lets see how this one stands up to your scrutiny. Let us know what you think below!


[via Wugland]

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  1. Cool! So simple, but worth it!

  2. “text anthony: who knew all of our readers were germans? should’ve done something with david hasslehoff instead”

    on a serious note: instead of being hard to read because of misspellings, now my texts will be hard to read because of hilarious grammar.

  3. First we wrote letters, then we got the phone so we didn’t have to write, then came email so we didn’t have to talk, then we got txt messages so we could write less, now we can talk to send our text messages so we don’t have to…talk. Gotta love technology.

  4. lol @Dilbert, soo true.

  5. Thanks for the QR code, at least.

  6. For example, “Text Rob: “It seems the Hitler idea did not go over so well.”
    I lol’d.

  7. I’ll give this a try. I usually use Handcent for sms, and I tried its text-to-speech feature for the first time yesterday afternoon. I don’t know if it has it’s own speech recognition engine, or if it’s using tech that’s cooked into the Droid ROM, but either way the results weren’t pretty. I was trying to send the message “I’ll be home in half an hour”. I tried six or seven times, and it didn’t come close.

  8. I meant “speech-to-text”, of course.

  9. judging from the video, VR still works better in my 2.1 on Nexus1.

  10. I have zero issues using Handcent (FREE!) to do this exact same functionality.

  11. @Marvin_Rock -> AGREED… Why pay $3 for this when Handcent already has it built in to the quick reply popup window even on the 1.5 phones!?!?

  12. Vlingo is free & works great

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