Making Of The HTC Legend Unibody Frame


The HTC Legend frame is made out of a single piece of metal, hence the “unibody” label its gotten at MWC. This means no “seams” or “lines” that look like pieces of a puzzle coming together – just one, solid piece of artwork. Some are calling it the best looking phone at Mobile World Congress 2010 and at the HTC booth, the company was showing off the manufacturing process, giving you an idea of how they achieve the beauty:

Will from IntoMobile compares the device to a MacBook Pro (verbally) and I can’t argue too much about that. I’m wondering how many of HTC’s future handsets will follow this unibody approach. Let’s hope plenty, because it looks fantastic!

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  1. So does it mean you can’t change the battery?

  2. Yes of course you can , it slides out from the bottom of the phone.

    I think it`s cool idea with that unibody design. Looks great, feels great and its hard to crash , and of course Android <3 !

  3. I second that question. Unless they make it completely water proof it also eliminates any chance that it can be dried out effectively if dropped in water. I realize you should avoid that anyway (duh) but it still does happen. Just saying, I wouldn’t sacrifice being able to remove the battery and the little edge I may get on drying a phone (had to do it before) for a nicer seamless form factor.

  4. Such a gorgeous phone, really hope they start making a few of their higher end phones with the unibody aluminum too.

  5. @second that, thats what insurance is for. Most likely, if your phone gets wet, its done for, even with the rice trick.

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