Feb 17th, 2010

t-mobile-pulse-mini-150x150Yesterday when the T-Mobile Pulse Mini got announced and demoed, we were excited that a budget android phone would come stocked with Android 2.1. What we DIDN’T know was the price, but ElectricPig is saying the phone will cost £100 on the Pay-As-You-Go plan – a pretty sweet deal! But they also so they company had to cut some corners to get the costs/price down and one of those corners was GPS.

How can an Android Phone not have GPS? Are all those location based apps just out the window? We’re trying to dig up some details on the situation here but lets hear what you have to say supposing this is true – is GPS a deal breaker? Or maybe they meant, being 2.1 and all, it just doesn’t come with Google Nav?

The small 2.8-inch screen and need for a stylus kill this for me regardless. But to each their own!

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