Feb 16th, 2010

With the announcement of the HTC Legend and HTC Desire, the company also ushered in a brand new version of HTC Sense. It’s still the same good lookin’ sense you’re familiar with only it has some additions. Most notable are 7 homescreens instead of 5, and the ability to pinch-to-zoom on the homescreen to “zoom out” and see all 7 screens at once so you can quickly pinpoint the screen you want.

HTC is calling this “Helicopter View” and the folks at Recombu provided a video demo using none other than the HTC Desire:

Pretty nifty! Although if you’ve got all 7 screens organized how you want them, I’m not convinced pinch/zoom-out and selecting the proper screen is quicker than just swiping left and right. I’m pretty sure HTC said it’ll update some existing handsets, like the Hero, to incorporate the Sense improvements.

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