Feb 14th, 2010

Mo’ devices, Mo’ problems.
Mo’ OS versions, Mo’ problems.
Mo’ Android, Mo’ problems.

We knew when the first ever update for Android came along that OTA updates would be a sticking point for consumers – (I can haz cupcakes?). If you ask me, it’s gotten out of hand in many ways. At least one company is trying to do their best to quell the concerns of consumers: Motorola.

In a support forums post, Mark from Motorola announced a new plan for more transparency. It wasn’t just a talking point either – they provided actual timeframes for the Droid, Milestone, Cliq and Dext in various locations:


I like what you’re doing over there MOTO. A lot of times its just about keeping the lines of communication and keeping customers informed. Can’t ask for much more – although we will anyways!

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