Samsung Halo: Official Name Of The i8520 Android Phone


samsung-i8250-profileWe just told you about the super-slick looking and ultra powerful Samsung i8520… you know, the one with the projector, 8MP camera, and Super AMOLED screen. Well that phone just got a name… the Samsung Halo. This isn’t 100% official yet but you can’t get much closer to the truth than Engadget did:

After quizzing a team of perplexed executives of increasing rank, a VP from Samsung’s mobile division finally told us that it’ll be revealed as the “Halo” tomorrow when the show floor opens.

And if you had any doubts about whether or not it is Android-based?

Even though the i8520 clearly seems to run the same UI as the Bada-powered Wave, we’ve been assured by multiple people in Samsung — including a VP in the Mobile division — that it is, in fact, running Android 2.1.

I wonder what the “most recent” version of Android will be by the time the Halo launches? The Android world is spinning at a ridiculous speed… and (budda bah bop bah) I’m loving it.

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  1. Just confirme
    1 ghz cpu!

  2. Looks way too much like an iPhone

  3. that’s the first time i’ve seen the mcdonalds jingle written down like (budda bah bop bah)
    This website is revolutionary

  4. iphone

  5. when is this releasing?
    does that support MTP (media transfer protocol) functionality?


  7. When will this phone release?

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