myTouch LE Fenders Rock Out Of Stock Everywhere!


mytouchsub_wmSo, we all have been seeing the myTouch LE Fender commercials at nearly every commercial break. Apparently, they have been doing their job as the myTouch Fender edition has completely sold out of all inventory since its release, roughly three weeks ago. T-Mobile had 17,250 units in their inventory and they have been selling like hotcakes.

For those of you who are sobbing as you read this and realize you missed your chance, well fear not. T-Mobile has decided to set up a second round of orders and should be coming in April. However, since it is a limited edition phone, supplies will be limited and stock is definitely not guaranteed. So hit your T-Mobile store ASAP and try and get your hands on one of these bad boys before it is too late!

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  1. You call that “selling like hotcakes”? Look at the Droid.

  2. I understand it is limited edition but it can’t be hard to sell out 17,250 phones

  3. That thing’s pretty lame, IMHO. Then again I’m more of a Gibson man! Either way, I don’t see what’s so special about it. Like Alejandro said – how hard is it to sell 17,250 phones anyhow? Doesn’t seem like a very impressive number at all.

  4. Yeah, @Jeff, where’s our Gibson-edition Nexus Ones?

  5. I wish I could see all the similar phones in the same store to be able to upgrade my blackberry to a new “super” phone. Nexus One looks good but I want to touch it before I get it. The myTouch is another one I want to compare it against. Does anybody know what the true difference is in terms of software?

  6. Nexus one > mytouch fender.
    On every spec.

  7. Stop hating guys…its for those die hard fans and its a plus to have it around their My Touch Fender Edition

  8. @Kiril Alexiev the mytouch runs 1.6 and has half the processor speed of the nexus one which is running 2.1

  9. Well, it is just a special edition… of course it’s going to sell out. I like my DROID better, though I do love the look of this one. And just think, the last time anyone did a pocket device in brown, it was Microsoft with the original Zune, and they got skewered for it.

    I’d have a harder time resisting, too, if they did a Martin version.. my D15 is my main axe these days. And for electric, I have a Variax, and prefer the Gibson sound over the Fender. Though it’s great to have both on tap…

  10. I don’t know about 3 weeks ago I just bought one about 2 hours ago in Phoenix. My first android phone…and yes I play a Fender.

  11. I wonder if they will come out with a Fender MyTouch edition. Buh dum chhhh

  12. Everyones hating on the fender but its really a nice phone… plus it has some spec ugrades to .. and yes the mytouch will be getting 2.1 to …. everyone is also forgetting that not everyone can get the nexus one … so its a great alternative

  13. Forget the myTouch I L000000000000000000VVVVVVE my Motorola Cliq I camt wait until i get Android 2.1! I cant wait to see it in actoin with MotoBlur. But the myTouch Fender is nice

  14. Not sold out everywhere…still available in PR.

  15. whoever didn’t get a chance to buy the fender mines is for sale had it 3 days.

  16. I got the Fender edition myself for the following reasons:
    1) It is smaller than the other Android phones. I’ve been carrying WM devices for ever and am sick of the big phones. I wanted a phone that fit in my pocket comfortably.
    2) I wanted more horse power than the MyTouch had. The additional memory really helps.
    3) I wanted 2.1 (T-Mobile says 2.1 will be an OTA upgrade in the “Spring”)
    4) It is REALLY nice having a standard 3.5mm headphone jack!
    5) Its spiffy looking AND comes with a 16 GB card.

    Now, is it perfect…no. T-Mobile 3G sucks. I turned it off and run Edge all the time I’m not on WiFi. The camera…also sucks. Is it lightning fast…no, but it is certainly fast enough and I get decent battery life on a resonably sized device. Whould I prefer a Nexus…if it was smaller and didn’t have the screen issues I’ve heard about, yeah I might have, but I don’t regret my purchase at all.

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