Dell Mini 5 Photo Shoot


Some of you have been asking us more about the Dell Mini 5. Well, although we have yet to get our hands on one, our friends at Engadget have been given a prototype review unit and have snapped up a plethora of photos of the new tablet. They promise an upcoming review so keep your eyes posted for more information on the Dell Mini 5.

dellmini502112010hed[via Engadget]

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  1. Looks pretty sick!!

  2. looks like the droid without the keyboard…

  3. It really doesn’t bibbee.

  4. I’m liking the massive screen on this thing, but it looks too big to fit in your pocket… guess that’s the trade off.

  5. Does it have the capability to be like a cell phone or anything of the sort like bluetooth etc?

  6. I don’t mind the size as much as what the potential price may be. AT&T is not known as a discount carrier, particularly when it comes to hardware.

    It is rather large, but, an acceptable trade-off for a very nice screen size, strong processor, and capabilities due to the screen that others may have.

  7. The size seems awkward. Too big for a phone and kind of too small for a tablet… It does look nice though.

  8. If I can’t have my AT&T Nexus One, This is the other thing I wanted most!

    IDC if it doesn’t fit in some of my pant’s pockets, I’ll manage

  9. Looks Kinda Blackberry Stormish.

  10. I like this and it does look like a Blackberry Storm, but Blackberry aint got shit on Android! lol I want me one. And the Nexus One not on AT&T its on T-Mobile.

  11. Every so often theres a phone that makes you tear up a bit, this would be it. That desktop screen looks delicious. It looks like all apps that are open will be visible in tabs on top, genius. I would marry this device, if it had an app installed that runs emotions anyway.

  12. I am really looking forward to this device, now how to get my hands on one before it comes out – :P

  13. @ The Black Guy
    Yes, it’s a phone, with a really big screen.

  14. Iwoke up this morning,and my MyTouch3G asked me to update . idk what its was for but its not 2.1

  15. @KiddxSkillz

    I got the same update. After installing I couldn’t see any differences. I did notice in google maps that my location is more off than before… (when triangulating by wireless signal, not gps.) Maybe part of the update dealt with cell tower locations?

  16. looks like a bb storm that had too many twinkies…..

  17. btw the mt3g update was to fix call quality.

  18. I’d buy it, but use it as a phone… Wow that’d be a huge phone, would have to use hands free all the time.

  19. The unexpectedly awesome feature? The 5MP camera. The Dell Mini 5 has a 5-inch screen, and your subject fills the entire frame. It’s an oddly satisfying implementation of a camera, in a super sizing kind of way.
    This will be dell’s flagship for their tablet device. More Details:

  20. Looks pretty coolish…can’t wait to see Video of it

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