Why Is This Funny?


I don’t get it…


Or maybe it’s just that dumb… plus they spelled “phandroid” wrong ;)

[Via AllThingsD]

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  1. Second your statement. I don’t see what is funny either.

  2. Probably so you would write about it and give them some free publicity. :)

  3. I didn’t lol

  4. Then why do you post it?

  5. The iDrones will laugh simply because they think they should. Or is thinking for themselves a stretch?

  6. You know what’s not funny either? You. Never.

  7. There is a

  8. It isn’t funny.

    Ridiculously unfunny.

  9. I think its funny to be reminded about the MACWORLD Conference that Apple refuses to attend. Its just bizarre.

  10. This isn’t funny, because the army would have been inside, not outside. :-)

  11. This particular comic may be a bit “inside baseball” for it to be widely appreciated.

  12. I mean, if you know the players involved, it’s a good parody. If you don’t, it loses it’s comedic appeal.

  13. they are just fandroid like people use apple fanboy.

  14. Just making sure, no one is actually offended by this right? Lets remember that here we are all passionate fans of a fledgling PHONE OPERATING SYSTEM, which is kind of ridiculous, and we should all be open to laughing at our selfs. That being said, if David Pogue doesn’t start talking about android more, I will come to his house and beat him to death with a sock full of nexus ones.

  15. David Pogue is a funny guy, I saw him speak a few times. Its a little annoying because he is the supreme king of Apple fanboys, but he always makes a point to talk about other things not apple, btw he gave a pretty positive review of the nexus one

  16. >14 – the Nexus 1s from TED?

  17. I think the best thing I can say is…Who is David Pogue?

  18. Serves you right for reading the comic.

  19. Gotta love fake intellectuals pretending to smart with their humor.

  20. I thought you were just being butt-hurt because it makes fun of phandroid fans.

    But after reading it, the comic is legitimately not funny.

  21. I lol’d at Leo Laporte =P

  22. It’s funny because it’s a follow up to these 2 comics:

    What’s really behind a Steve Jobs keynote

    What’s behind a Phil Schiller keynote

  23. Apple going out of business because they spent too much money on dumb shit for a David Pogue keynote.

  24. Seriously, folks? Grow a set. Only the insecure rise so quickly to their defense.

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