T-Mobile Q1 Roadmap Probably Fake, Features CLIQ XT


Look at the below leaked T-Mobile 1st Quarter Roadmap and notice that Sony Ericsson is misspelled as “Sony Ericcson” while Motorola is referred to as MOT instead of the typical MOTO. Simple mistaked in an official document or typos by a stupid and careless photoshop prankster?


Considering the MyTouch 1.2 with 3.5mm headset jack isn’t listed, it isn’t looking good, but I figured I would pass this along just in case. The interesting thing on this slide is the Motorola CLIQ XT which seems to be a non-keyboard version of the CLIQ. Probably fake but interesting nonetheless.

I was also expecting a bit more Android from T-MO between now and the end of March but… we’ll see. What do you think: real or fake? Or maybe we should just ask if anyone actually thinks this is real?

[Via PPCGeeks]

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  1. why would anyone generate a fake roadmap? Makes me wonder if anyone is generating fake reports for my organization at work.

  2. Well the mytouch LE launched as planned according to the roadmap so…. What is so hard to believe that they just may have made a typo? it does happen you know.

  3. the phone they have as the moto cliq xt has already been shown in past phandroid posts as the moto. zeppelin. the dates match for the release, but i still think this roadmap is shooped.

  4. WOW, this is old news.

  5. ah, i just talked to a MOTO rep, and he confirmed that it was an android device coming to tmo in the 1st qurter, previously called the zeppelin, now the CLIQ XT.

  6. its highly possible that its fake….. with all the fake junk coming out recently i wouldn’t be too surprised. Some people just get kicks off of being retards.

    Like the douche that sent eugene373 a fake CD letter. Eugene forwarded it to an actual google employee and now google is hunting the moron that sent it. Pwnd

  7. look at the border on the my touch fender……. that is not very professional looking. whoever photoshopped this did a very poor job

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