T-Mobile MyTouch 2: New Name For HTC Espresso?


t-mobile-mytouch-2The folks at T-Mobile might be looking to extend the MyTouch brand they’ve built thus far as TMO Today tipsters are saying the rumored HTC Espresso will launch with the name T-Mobile MyTouch 2.

First came the MyTouch 3G, then the MyTouch 3G Fender Edition and now we’re rumored to have the MyTouch 3G 1.2 and the MyTouch 2. That whole “3G” thing makes it sound like the MyTouch 2 is a previous version in some ways… it just sounds weird. But we get the point.

The phone is essentially the HTC Hero with an added slideout QWERTY keyboard and I have to say, I think that keyboard looks delicious. Four rows, too! It doesn’t have any hardware improvements compared to the Hero but that’s a very capable phone for the price, is it not? I can see a lot of people like this.

Maybe they should call it the T-Mobile MyType 3G? I first that.

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  1. Could definitely do without the chin if it is going to have a hard keyboard attached to it.

  2. This picture is obviously a fake. Can you people not notice?

  3. Yeah, the chin looks odd with a keyboard attached. And normally I’m a fan of the chin.

  4. Of course the pic is a joke, (hero on top of some keyboard) but why not include the latest render of the MyTouch Slide/2?

  5. no thanks. NEXT!

  6. That image is a photoshop from ages ago. If you genuinely think that this it what it will look like you should stop reporting for Phandroid.

  7. if the picture is accurate then both a: the chin looks weird and b: it’s going to be impossible to press the numbers in the top row, it appears. nimble fingers for some and all but still

  8. The new myTouch 2 does not have the chin or a trackball.

    The bottom is flat/flushed with the keyboard and they will include an optical trackpad like the new BlackBerry Bold 9700.

  9. Are you kidding me? Clearly a fake. Have you been reading tmonews.com? They have much better mytouch slide new. Damn phandroid embarrasses me sometimes.

  10. Only an idiot would think that image is real….

    And I’m sure Rob isn’t an idiot…

  11. Man this is soooo fake. The hero is just stacked on top of another phone. Too easy. PHOTO SHOP!!

  12. C’mon as we all see and know it’s fake, that keyboard is photoshopped off a Touch Pro 2, sloppy all around I say. I can’t really say Rob is at fault here as I will assume he knows its fake too.

  13. yeah this picture is a fake it was posted on either phandroid or boygeniusreport a while back and it said in the post that the picture was indeed a fake and that it was the htc touch pro 2 keyboard under the original hero. think about it guys you can even see around the edges that they used photoshop to add in extra gray to make the edges “blend” but yeah totally a fake im 100% sure. and all of you who are saying that this might be real you should really not stick to one website for info because phandroid is usually really late with what it puts out. so just throwing this out there for whoever posted this picture on here should get fired for poorly report for this website because they clearly didnt do their homework. im a cadet at west point and i hardly ever have time to read the internet but at i am on top of android and everything that is going on.

  14. There was a more recent shot that might end up being this device:

    I seriously hope this isn’t real either, since it’s so massive ugly. I don’t mind saying “good bye” to the track ball (so long as the alternative is functional) but the new face buttons look ridiculous.

    What I’d really love is just an HTC Magic that is slightly thicker to accomodate the slide-out keyboard, that’s all.

  15. The pic used was a poor rendering, but it was the pic we used at tmotoday – not one that Rob used or came up with. I apologize for any confusion on this. I guess this is a case of good info, poor pic choice.

  16. I have used the prototype. The phone linked to in comments 13 and 15 is basically what I saw. Except those ugly front bezel buttons weren’t the same. If I remember right, they were much more in line with the Mytouch 3g’s button style. Optical track-pad was a cool new addition.

  17. man the pic is fake he says “there is a nice four row kwyboard” but if u look closer you can see five rows

  18. I’d so much rather have a Touch Pro 2 with Snapdragon and 2.1update1…is that really too much to ask for?

  19. T-mobile is getting some really nice handsets, hd2, n900, bold 9700 etc. They really offer some great stuff and where they have 3g its solid. I wish other companies verizon and att would get these super nice handsets
    Once a ROM leaks out, the floodgates are opened. Welcome to the wonderful world of HTC bootloaders, my friends. Espresso details: http://bit.ly/htc-espresso-details

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