Feb 8th, 2010

t-mobile-mytouch-2The folks at T-Mobile might be looking to extend the MyTouch brand they’ve built thus far as TMO Today tipsters are saying the rumored HTC Espresso will launch with the name T-Mobile MyTouch 2.

First came the MyTouch 3G, then the MyTouch 3G Fender Edition and now we’re rumored to have the MyTouch 3G 1.2 and the MyTouch 2. That whole “3G” thing makes it sound like the MyTouch 2 is a previous version in some ways… it just sounds weird. But we get the point.

The phone is essentially the HTC Hero with an added slideout QWERTY keyboard and I have to say, I think that keyboard looks delicious. Four rows, too! It doesn’t have any hardware improvements compared to the Hero but that’s a very capable phone for the price, is it not? I can see a lot of people like this.

Maybe they should call it the T-Mobile MyType 3G? I first that.

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