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There have been a BUNCH of Motorola Milestone updates over the past several days/weeks and the phone is definitely getting some nice… mileage. It’s launched in new places, gotten updates and much more. We wanted to keep you up to pace with the Motorola Droid’s twin brother so here goes nothing.

Milestone Launching On TELUS February 18th
It looks like TELUS customers only have a couple short weeks until the Motorola Milestone lands in their part of town! TELUS themselves didn’t “tell us” (see what I did there?) but BestBuy had no problem blurting something out on their website:
This also means that folks with AT&T could unlock the device and essentially get a 3G capable Droid on their carrier of choice. (Via BestBuy)

Manitoba And Sasketchawan Get SasketchaScrewed
Aren’t you happy that the Milestone is coming to Canada? If you live in Manitoba or Sasketchawan you can SHUT UP! Just like happened with the iPhone, TELUS network can’t support these areas with good enough coverage, or something. Bottom line – you can’t get the Milestone if you live in either of these places. BOOOOOOO! [Via IntoMobile]

European Milestone’s Get Android 2.0.1
Users in at least Germany, France and Italy are now able to update their Motorola Milestone to Android version 2.0.1 and if you don’t have it through an OTA update yet, can do so manually through the Motorola website. For instructions, see the unwired article with details and a walkthrough!

Milestone Lands In Taiwan
If you live in Taiwan you can rejoice – the first ever Android 2.0 phone is now available in your country and as you probably didn’t have to guess, it is the Motorola Milestone! The carrier for this one is Taiwan Mobile – enjoy! [Via Digitimes]

Anything Else?
All you phandroids with your ears to the streets and hands on your Stones for Miles (get your mind out of the gutter, I was playing with words), any Milestone updates you have either big or small?

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  1. Actually Best Buy changed the pre-order announcement to remove the date. I hope it’s still supposed to launch on the 18th though, it might well be because Telus or Motorola asked BB to remove the date because they didn’t reveal it yet themselves.

  2. This and the other stories this week are great but when are we going to hear what you guys think in a podcast?

  3. I hope the Telus Milestone will get 2.1 i dont realy trust canadan providers but if moto would realease an update that word work for me!

  4. The problem with SK and MB are that Telus doesn’t own the network there, they’re buying service from the local providers. Both those local providers are behind on rolling out UTMS 3G, so it’s actually impossible for the Milestone (with Telus) to work there without switching to Rogers or Fido.

    By this time next year, it’ll be sorted out, and really, you’d never ever want to use a phone with Telus anyway. Buying, unlocking, and using with another provider is going to be your best bet.

  5. Before buying a milestone please go to the motorola milestone support forums (OTA updates thread) a see what owners think about the update “service” provided by motorola..

  6. ‘The phone without limits’ is a complete joke.
    With disregard Motorola have signed the bootloader of this device, ruling out the possibility of custom ROMs – please please please give this issue some publicity! They haven’t done it on the Droid… why is the milestone any different?!


  7. Don’t hold your breath for flash right now. I don’t know where the “enabled” comes from, but “flash ready” means that the hardware is there, but adobe has yet to deliver the software. Expect it in the coming 2-3 months though.

  8. Thanks for the info about Milestone. Everybody talks about DROID but so little is said about the brother??.
    Do you know anything about the Latinamerican updates for the MILESTONE ?

  9. I hate living in this prarie wasteland. I wanted the pre when it came out but bell doesn’t cover manitoba, and now we’re getting shafted with this too! Screw it I’m moving, once the snow clears enough to get out of the house.

  10. Milestone is crap compared to the droid. Signed bootloader says everything. I am a Milestoneuser and I tell you go for the NexusOne…

  11. @Janus
    But I want my hardware keyboard! Even if I hear it’s not that good :(
    Plus, no Canadian 3G-compatible version of the N1. The Milestone is the only high-end android over here, and I’m sick of waiting. I’ve been holding out since those Sholes renders were leaked by motofan.ru… Sad to see today that there are so many unknowns about the device (Android 2.1? Will we eventually be able to flash custom roms? What about that Flash support?)

  12. @Lucio, forget about customer support in latin america and about the update I live in argentina and i’m still waiting for it.. If you go to the official support forum they only know how to say “it’ll be ready soon” or “it’s coming” but if you ask some concrete dates the answer is “don’t have that info but will let you know as soon as possible”

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