iPhone 3GS Better Than Motorola Droid?


Engadget is having their 2009 Engadget Awards and Android is making a case in many categories. Unfortunately, for bothh Gadget of The Year and Smartphone Of The Year the Motorola Droid is 2nd to the iPhone 3GS – BLEH! Time to rally the troops!


Head on over to Engadget 2009 Awards and VOTE FOR THE DROID wherever you see it present. Show your Android love and lets see if we can move the needle at all. Interesting sidenote: the Droid is DOMINATING for GPS Device of the year – pretty awesome considering its a phone!

I don’t usually make these types of posts but hey – Jason mailed me and requested we pool together the Android love and I couldn’t resist the idea. Thanks Jason!

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  2. We really need a Tweet this option so we can tweet about it.

  3. That’s just Engadget for you. The site that shut down their comment system because they were getting ripped to pieces about their unprofessional and biased Nexus One review!

  4. Voted and Tweeted

  5. Meh, Engadget is an Apple fanboi site so this isn’t really a surprise.

  6. After reading that Engadget review I made Nexus/iPhone comparison chart:

    Feel free to use it, Droid should win!

  7. Well Engadget is an iFan site…i only go there because they are quick with their news.

  8. While you’re at it…might as well vote for the Nook (on Android) being the 2009 E-reader. It does way more than the kindle2

  9. Droid won best gadget of the year in Time magazine so its whatever. I don’t see what is so appealing about iphone except the large amount of internal memory for app. That’s it.

  10. I voted for my beloved milestone (droid in europe)

  11. To bad the nexus one wasn’t there, I think thats on par with the droid :(….but I can understand why its not since the sales haven’t been so good. But its cool, I voted for the droid lol

  12. As nice as the iPhone 3G S is, it’s nothing more than a faster iPhone 3G. It did nothing new or spectacular. Google and Motorola did big things with the Droid and they deserve to place first for it.

  13. richie, the nexus One didn’t release until January 5, 2010. it can wait till next year.

  14. this is highly expected from iphone # 1 fans (Engadget)

  15. Also, someone pointed out on another android forum that two times the 3GS number mysteriously jumped 2,000 votes in a very short period of time. Seems fishy.

  16. go droid

  17. Today on my way home (30 miles) I streamed internet radio with DroidLive all the way home without interruption. About 1/3 of my way home my work phone (AT&T) drops 3G for edge which would mean my music would get interrupted if I had an iPhail.

    Thank you Motorola, Google and Verizon for a real phone, real search and a real network that keeps my music streaming :)

    Droid DOES!

  18. Engadget is a iFan site. Phonedog is up there too. I stopped checking out their dog fights because I can’t stand all the slurping Noah does on the iPhone every time.

  19. That is not a really good way to measure the greatness of a phone. There are a lot of iphone users and of course they are going to vote for thier own phone. They should rate them based on stats and facts, not opinion

  20. fuck Engadget and CNET cuz they’re both riding the Apple bandwagon and being ignorant of everything else. There’s a difference giving a device credit when it’s due but you purposely neglect the obvious that just so happens to put anything w/ i in front of the name 2nd place is a damn shame

  21. i second what 3 and 7 said. engadget is so biased towards the iphone/apple that it isn’t even funny.

  22. @kid chainsaw: ah yea, my mistake. Probably wont be on the list next year I would have to guess, by the end of the year, there will probably be something better. Phones that come out at the beginning of the year are at a pretty big disadvantage when it comes to these phone of the year things.

  23. Engadget is Latin for “dudes that have sexual relations with their iPhones.”

    Never seen a group so in love with a single device (or company for that matter). Steve Jobs must be throwing down some serious coin because the Engadget staff are serious fanboys.

    I personally can’t comment on the Droid/iPhone comparison, but I could say loads on the Nexus One/iPhone matchup. To make it simple, however, all I have to say is Nexus One 1, iPhone 0.

  24. My vote was just submitted and it ain’t with an i but a big fat D

  25. Sorry but the Iphone 3Gs is better than the Droid:
    – Smooth scrolling,even with more hardware capability the Droid is still not silky smooth with scrolling. Go ahead put them next to each other and scroll down a long page of text and graphics.
    – Better camera performance on the iPhone 3Gs in both photo and video..
    – Application quality : Take for instance iTunes integration,I personally do a lot of podcast listening , why can’t Android have an quality podcast app, like the iTunes store , simple clear navigation, great content offerings all in one place, Every single Android podcast app pales in comparison. Now repeat this for other app classes..

    The Droid is the third best smartphone, iPhone 3gs then nexus one, then Droid. Not a fanboy just an honest critic. Apple just does UI’s right, BTW I have both a G1 and iPhone 3G.

  26. Obvious iFan-ning is totally gay. But…

    What I like about the iPhone is that it is pretty smooth and there is only 1 phone (hardware) to appropriate the OS software for. So If you have an iPhone, you can be damn sure that you will have the latest OS from Apple and that just about all apps made for it will work properly (more or less as there are some lame developers out there). It’s just too bad that ATT BL*WS the big one.

    I have a droid eris and unfortunately cant have the latest OS that Android offers :-(

    I still do love my phone though…. :-)

  27. Where the hell is the Nexus One?

  28. Voted! GO DROID GO!

  29. @asad47
    The Nexus One came out it 2010. This is for the best of 2009.
    I disagree with your view of Cnet. It is true that they have a lot of apple fan boys on staff but watch the latest “Buzz Report” about the iPad. They ripped it apart. Or do yourself a favor and check out this clip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEiHHyps-NE. Really funny
    I love my Droid but the anti-Apple BS is almost getting as bad as the Apple fanboyism. These are electronic gadgets, not the second coming. Let’s all try to keep it in perspective and try to stay civil.

  30. The Droid is listed in three separate categories. Gadget of the year, Smart Phone of the year and GPS devise of the year. As of 8:30CST it was loosing in the first two to the iPhone 3GS but winning the GPS category with almost 49% of the vote.

  31. You can’t win on Engadget or Gizmodo. Those sites are followed by an unusually high number of Apple Fanboys.

  32. We’re within 1000 votes each from winning the Best Gadget and Best Smartphone categories. Good idea to post this here!

  33. @ tony b – Better camera performance? I have not used the Droid but I have seen videos and stills on gsmarena (which seems so anti-moto its not funny) and I do not see that. And that “performance” is only when you have ideal lighting, forget low light and night?


  34. I had the HTC Hero loved the phone to death but was really laggy. I understand that Andriod is only like 5-6 months old but come on guys have everything together when your trying to take on Apple of all people. We can never get any information on any updates or all the Android phones arent running the same softwear which makes no sense. I feel like if 2.0 was out we all should have it but I understand its a marketing stand point. Maybe one day Android will get it together!!!

  35. @
    18. OutstandingO wrote on February 8, 2010

    Engadget is a iFan site. Phonedog is up there too. I stopped checking out their dog fights because I can’t stand all the slurping Noah does on the iPhone every time.

    Yeah, Noah does slurp up on Sammy and iPhones.

    However, c|net is pretty good about having the Nexus One finally defeat the iPhone 3GS in their Prizefight video starring Apple Fanboy himself, Brian Tong. It is the first phone to defeat the iPhone.

    So in that perspective, c|net gave Android/Nexus One credit where credit was due.

  36. @jouten….ididnot know that….that’s really cool man….and the ifan boy himself rated good old Nexus higher….wow….cooolish

  37. Just voted, and the Droid has a .2% lead in Gadget of the Year and a .3% lead in Smartphone of the Year. Keep the votes coming!

  38. If the droid phone is so good, why isn’t even remotely close to the sales of the Iphone? Goes to show a fancy processor isn’t what makes a phone great. Problem with all the smart phone makers is they have no idea what to copy from apple.

  39. I found this interesting…
    Motorola’s stock price. Go Droid!! lol
    6.63 +0.09‎ (1.38%‎) Feb 10 4:01pm ET

    Apple’s stock price
    195.29 -0.90‎ (-0.46%‎) Feb 10 4:00pm ET

    Good thing motorola’s got that droid lol

  40. Droid Does (get my vote)! :D

  41. Droid is raping the iphone :D

  42. Nexus #1 next year, Yeah right just wait for 4.0 to be released.

  43. Milestone Android is better than iPhone 3GS!!

  44. iphone is superior to the droid and it will always be

  45. No matter what happens to droid, Iphone will always have superior shine

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