Motorola Droid 2.1 Update Coming This Week!


Earlier today we told you the Motorola Droid’s update to Android 2.1 was coming very soon and now, thanks to an Official update on Motorola’s Facebook page, we know that very soon = this week!


Have your Droid’s charged and at your fingertips so when that “Do you want to update” question pops up, you’re ready to happily press Yes and get the Droid goodness  you’ve been waiting for.

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  1. heard that drawer is not going to be replaced for droid

  2. I’m almost tempted to unroot my Droid after an easy first time experience just 2 days ago. I think I’ll wait and see what everyone else says first. :D

  3. sooo does that mean the droid eris will be getting one this week 2?

  4. And Milestone is still not updated to 2.0.1 except France and some minor markets. C’mon Motorola, Milestone will get 2.1 in 2012 ?

  5. Droid Eris is HTC
    Motorola DROID is Motorola

    In another word…..most probably no…the reason in that they r 2 different companies

    Hop that help Elden and i want the 2.1 update too on my
    cliq =(

  6. No it doesn’t. Eris is manufactured by HTC, Droid by Motorola. Besides the name, the two phones have nothing in common.

  7. oh ok thanks =( lol….i just thought maybe it was cuz verizon said the eris would be getting the updat in q1 of 2010 so they must have it ready since it has to be released by the end of march so i just thought maybe it’d get it this week but probly not

  8. Ok any word on a update on the cliq?

  9. “And Milestone is still not updated to 2.0.1 except France and some minor markets.”
    I hope you do not call germany as a minor market ;) mine was updated yesterday :)
    So I hope that the update on 2.1 will come to us in little more than one month…maybe end of march.

  10. Yay, huh wait and the cliq???

  11. Is this gonna be 2.1, or 2.1-update1 or whatever it is with all those multi-touch things (outside of Maps, which you can do via the Market)?

    I don’t need pinch2zoom, just curious for the other people that have been jonesin’ for it.

  12. 4. faugusztin wrote on February 8, 2010

    And Milestone is still not updated to 2.0.1 except France and some minor markets. C’mon Motorola, Milestone will get 2.1 in 2012 ?

    Don’t worry the world will end soon after you get it anyway LOL

  13. The lack of live wallpapers and the new 3D homescreen is disappointing. I haven’t even had my Droid for a month yet, and I’ve already considered returning it. Too many different OS versions on the different phones and missing features. It’s like we’re paying full price on a phone that’s constantly being beta tested.

    What’s going to happen a year from now? Some new super Android phone running the latest version of the OS is going to come out and I’m going to want to pay a higher price for an upgrade, if it even releases on Verizon.

  14. Wonder if the 5 homesreens will be included?

  15. @faugusztin
    I also hope the milestone gets 2.1 as the milestone is not yet out in Canada an I will not buy it if there is no 2.1 :|
    The 2.0 world as we know it!

  16. Engadget’s source was a”trusted” source that doesnt even for Motorola so that alone makes it unreliable and the live wallpapers and 3d app drawer are included in the 2.1 API so unless Google wants to piss off a lot of android users, i suggest they make sure every android has the same firmware and features rather than play favorites

  17. doesnt even work for Motorola*

  18. aight so i rooted my droid will updating it to 2.1 wit the ota update mess my phone up?

  19. I believe I read that the 11th is the release date… am I correct on that?

  20. The new update is whack they don’t change the drawer, no 3d spin icons and also NO LIVE WALLPAPERS!

  21. Will this fix the choppiness when flipping the screens? That problem (albeit minor) is enough for me to not buy the phone!

  22. I have never noticed any choppiness when flipping through the screens, always really smooth. Anyway, I’m really disappointed there is no drawer update and even more disappointed there is no flash update for the browser. I’ve been rubbing it in that my phone will have flash ‘soon’, been waiting and waiting.

  23. Hopefully it’ll be more stable…

    Lots of cool features will be left for later updates, it sounds like….

  24. wwwoooo oooohhhaaa

  25. Some of the nice to have features they have apparently omitted (live wallpaper and new app drawer) is frustrating. So my Droid will never get fully updated?

    So over the course of the next yeasr should I expect Google to leave out other functionality from my Droid to force me to Nexus One?

    Makes for bad business. I always questioned what I would do if the iphone went to verizon, now I know I would dump android.

  26. doesn’t make sense that there’s no live wallpaper support in the droid’s 2.1 update. maybe what they said is that nexus’ wallpapers will not be included (and that seems logical).

  27. wow, you guys will never be satisfied…first, it was like OMG I don’t have multitouch (pinch to zoom) what am I going to do without pinch to zoom…now, google/motorola is giving u multitouch but now you want nexus one’s app drawer, 3D animations, etc…geez, can’t u guys be happy for now with the multitouch, I know I am…I could care less about the 3D animation and such…besides you know people will be working on bringing more of the nexus one goodies over to the Droid (just like they did with the flan gallery and app launcher), it’ll only be a matter of time…that’s the beauty of Android!

  28. This is what I have feared. Why will Motorola kill certain things for this release? Is the phone incapable? I will sell on eBay to buy a Nexus One if this is the future of the Droid.

  29. In the earlier story I posted a comment stating that since it was VZW doing the testing that we won’t see it until the spring of 2013. I would just like to admit I was wrong and that I shouldn’t have said that. Notice I didn’t apologize to VZW because the day I apologize to any carrier for any comment I make is a day I deserve to be kicked squa in the beanbag.

  30. It may be disappointing that the Droid does not get the 3D drawer and the Nexus’ live wall papers.

    However, you do get 2.1! The 3D app-drawer does not look like standard 2.1 feature and would have, if it were to be included, delayed the release of 2.1 on the Droid.

    About the live wallpapers:
    The live wall-paper API is part of the 2.1 SDK. I think that you may not get the Nexus’ live wall-papers (*HTC* made them?), but you can download the ones from the Android Market and install them.

  31. Live wall papers are definitely eye candy that I can do without. However, the 3D app drawer and 3D gallery are another story, I WANT them…

    Good thing they have already been ported from the N1 ( check out http://www.droid-life.com/2010/01/current-list-of-nexus-one-21-apps.html )

    Although I will be severely pissed if they don’t even manage to push out the 3D gallery in droid’s update, at least I can still have it…

  32. If there are no live wallpapers or 3D icon shelves, in short; the “eye candy” that I’ve seen on the nexus, I have absolutely no use for this update at all. I already have 7 home screens and a weather widget ( via GDE home and beautiful widget). My phone works fine, I don’t have any “choppiness” or lag. So without the eye candy (I really ONLY wanted 2.1 for the live wallpapers) what would be the point of me “downgrading” to 2.1. If they don’t release a ‘full’ 2.1, as much as I love my droid, it will be the last android device I ever buy.

  33. So…

    Since my tax refund is not due to hit my bank untill Feb 20, Hopefully the MotoDroids that Verizon has in stock will be updated…

    Then again maybe Google will sell Verizon Nexus Ones by then?!?!

  34. Oh, the pinch-zoom. I already have pinch-zoom, which I honestly don’t care about anyway. In fact thousands of people already have had it, its called “Dolphin Browser”. Thanks for nothing.

  35. As for pinch-zoom, I could care less and I’ve already had it for quite awhile if wanted, so has everyone else, its called Dolphin Browser. Thanks for nothing.

  36. As for pinch-zoom, who cares? Its been available for free to everyone, Dolphin Browser. Thanks for nothing, guys.

  37. Its not a matter of not ever being satisfied. While I can live without certain features – why should I have to?

    So next year if Google decides Android for Moto shouldnt have Maps or Nav would you be ok with that? Will it happen, prob not but they are paving the way for software differentiation based upon the hardware (with NEXUS ONE getting the cream of the crop).

    Android will never succeed with this approach.
    IPhone to Verizon —- please!!!!

  38. @DJ Please shut up. Pinch-Zoom in a browser vs. Pinch-zoom across the whole OS?

    Are you retarded?

  39. The irony is delicious. The phone has only been out three months, and there was an update a month after launch. And yet, people make it sound like the Droid (and they themselves) are abused and neglected. 2.1 was only released by Google a month ago. Considering the phone specific tweaks that are almost certainly required, in-house and in-network testing, turning a release around in a month is pretty impressive.

    Will it have everything everyone wants? I don’t need to look at a feature list to say. “No.” Simple reason is that different people have different priorities, and just because a few people are screaming loud doesn’t mean it’s an overall priority for everyone else. Will it be an improvement over 2.0.1? We’ll know soon enough if it’s up to our individual standards. Some will like, some will not. Some will not rest unless they let the best loot drops available.

    Those people can keep spending money on the next best phone, and a month later on the next best. They will never be happy, but the people selling the phone will love it.

  40. ummm…like the previous poster said, you can download the Nexus One’s app launcher on droid-life.com…no rooting necessary…if u want live wallpapers, root your phone, it has become very easy for the casual user…seriously, there’s a work around for everything..if you want something on your phone, 9 times out of 10, you’ll probably will be able to get it with Android…and hey, the iPhone is the same way but even more locked down (i.e. if you want just background wallpaper on the iPhone, you have to jailbreak it, crazy)

  41. This Is REDICULOUS!!!! They make this big campaign about how DROID does everything and yet it does not. how are they not going to give DROID users live wallpapers and a 3d app screen, when DROID supposedly does EVERYTHING???

    In A World Of DOES, DROID DOESN’T!!!
    (well at least not anymore)

  42. I agree with Eddie. Android 2.1 on a Droid should be the same as Android 2.1 on the N1. This business of hardware-specific OS’ makes no sense. You should know exactly what you’re getting in an upgrade (or fresh install) based on the OS version number, not questioning which features will be left out or disabled because of the make/model of phone you have.

  43. @ex-Googler, no, I am not retarded, thank you. I think you missed my point. I (and a lot of other people) don’t care about pinch-zoom. It really is meaningless unless you came from an iPhone and that is a “must have” for you. The only significant differences (for me) were the live wallpapers and the app “cube”. From what I’ve read, it seems like a half-assed update. I suppose we’ll see.

  44. I’ve just read on droid-life.com that adobe announced that flash will only work on 2.1, so I guess there is some redemption there.

  45. I hope that Google and Android folks are listening.

  46. There are a lot of unsubstantiated rumors flying around here that you guys are treating like the truth. The only thing we know for sure is that 2.1 is coming this week. All the speculation about what features it will have came from Engadget, who claimed to have a source at Verizon. Since the phone’s software is controlled by Motorola, I take their claims with a grain of salt. Just wait and see, guys. We’ll all find out soon enough.

  47. Is it possible the Droid is not getting some of the things like live wallpaper and 3d app drawer because they are customizations made by HTC specifically for the N1? Sort of like Sense UI is for HTC only?

  48. @Athir, if that were the case then hardware wouldn’t matter at all. You could freely load any release you want on any hardware platform. Sounds good, right?

    Are you willing to pay full, no subsidy price for every phone you buy? Want to shell out $500-800 every time you want a hardware upgrade? Want to give up tuned battery performance? Tuned network performance?

    There are technical and commercial reasons why the base platform is just a base. Manufacturers do customizations to tune the software to their particular hardware. Carriers want certain features, sometimes exclusively, and not others, and they want the hardware tuned to their specific network. It gives each a competitive advantage. And for that, they’re willing to discount so long as you stay with them a while (contract).

  49. This is crazy. @DJ..Pinch to zoom is no big deal but live wallpapers are an absolute necessity? That is ridiculous. And no, I do not want anything on my phone, like the 3d crap and the live wallpapers that will eat up resources. That is Windows Vista. I don’t want Windows Vista on my phone. To those of you that will be dropping Android, see you later. What other OS rolls out two significant over the air updates that are free within 3 months? Go get your Iphones, you sheep!

  50. Just got a message to reboot the phone to install 2.1. I will post more when I find out what it does different

  51. I understand you Droid users are a little pissed but i have a cliq and I have been stuck with android 1.5. believe me I had a G1 and going back to 1.5 is like being stuck in a cave. you guys are getting 2.1 a couple months after originally having 2.0 so stop the whining, I’m the one that should be pissed and I am. and on another note im sure you guys are going to get live wallpapers as for the drawer well thats completely up to motorola because they control what the UI looks like not google or anything.

    ****Motorola you need to have the same attention span to all Your FLIPPIN phones man the Droid isnt you only android phone out there YOU GUYS NEED TO STEP THE F UP!!!!!****

  52. Such hatred over a (relatively) minor update? Cant we all just be happy that google/moto/verizon are producing updates period? I agree with others, if you don’t like what you’ve got, then root, otherwise be happy. Plus, we are getting flash soon, wheres flash for iPhone? hmmm….

  53. @Slacker


  54. I don’t know why the people using CLIQ and Eris are suprised they aren’t getting the update any time soon. You guys knew you were buying a special version of Android, so what do you expect? The new stock Android has to be worked into your special versions.

    As for the live wallpapers.. you might as well be part of the Apple crowd if it bothers you so much. Who honestly gives a shit how your background looks? It’s an aesthetic. You’re like the people who moaned about the gold extras on the Droid at release. You’re getting the MT you’ve wanted for so long. Be happy. Most phone companies leave you with what you buy.

  55. When am I going to get my Sprint Hero update? That’s all I wanna know. Also, calm down @Santamoose. Some people want customization.

  56. I had 2.1 running on my phone for a little over a month since i’ve been routed. Other than a few FCs, Keyboard back light not working, and the Nexus live wall paper not working, I do not see a reason why the Droid can not run the full 2.1 experience. If the above comes out to be true, maybe this is laziness on Motorolas end.

  57. Routed….. fail.

  58. Sorry, but there are quite a few whiners out here…

    The Droid gets 2.1.
    Live wallpapers are part of the commmon 2.1 API. Relax, you’ll probably get live wallpapers. You probably don’t get the ones shipped with the Nexus, but you can download others from the Android Market.

    About the 3D drawer and gallery: These could be customizations for the Nexus One and probably made by, or under contract of, HTC.

  59. I’m just looking forward to a more stable OS and improved speed, live wallpapers or not. It would be nice if they added 2 more homescreens though. Also I’m having minor issues syncing contacts hopefully that will be fixed soon.

  60. Well now that the Hero is overclocked, (rumored up to 900mhz), next step is 2.1 and we are in buisness. And don’t worry hero owners, we won’t be missing out on any function of 2.1, plus Sense UI will be awesome.

  61. BTW Hero owners, a sneek peek at what 2.1 on the hero will look like. Pinch to zoom on the home screen?? Thats different, but look at that Sense UI. Awesome.


  62. Ha! My name is on the comments in the picture of the facebook post. Awesome.

    I really don’t think they would send us 2.1 with things omitted. It wouldn’t make business sense to splinter the Android userbase.

  63. Well, here it is Feb, 22nd and no up date…. Does anyone know why? I’m new to android and am very anxious to have multitouch……and is there anyway to watch movies on moto droid that are in mpeg format.

  64. @wiley: yes. Just search market, you’ll find em.

    @every other whining idiot: try programming it yourself before being so ungrateful. There are plenty of good people working hard to bring you this release.

  65. Watching the videos of the updated UI it looks very cool. Flashing it isnt that hard but I will wait for the Android 2.1 OTA Update.

  66. Well, I’ve been waiting for the 2.1 update since…. Jan 22, and still no update. I’m starting to think that this is just a rumor. I’ve heard, the news from facebook was actually premature and that Motorola was not sure if and when the 2.1 update will come out for the Droid. Why tell us anything, if your not sure. On the bright-side, the Droid is great. It does everything I want it to do and more.

  67. Is it going to take a class action lawsuit to get the damn thing released??

  68. Its already Match 1st and still no 2.1 update on Droid what’s going on?

  69. That’s what root is for…

  70. I can’t believe this. I’m giving them til march 10 and if no update by then I’m rooting. The way this is being handled is unacceptable.

  71. I think about everyone’s comments is give Google a brake, its an update-meaning fixes to the problems were having with the phone, if they prematurely launch an update that cause devastating results what’s the point? Just saying. .. patience is a hard thing. .. but over all this phone kicks some serious ass, especially compared to other boring phones… this moto Droid is Staring right into the eyes of the iPhone! I’m anxious to see what the future holds… Toyota lost there reputation over night, it takes one scew up Tom apple to make Droid look really good…

  72. I just received update from HTC on when they expect to release 2.1 – sometime within the first 6 months of 2010… read more here: http://eugeneorourke.com/blog/droid-eris-2-1-release-date/

  73. @J.Lo:stuck up Steve J. ass!

  74. ..why is everyone arguing about cell phones over an internet forum? State your worries and hopes, like and dislikes, etc., which is what I believe a forum should be used for. Spare me your insecurity-based drama and gossip please. I love the Droid. I have had 3 iPhones, 6 Blackberries, and a variety of other phones (because I am a total nerd for new gadgets), and the Motorola Droid is great. Try to be patient and wait to see what the update has to offer!

  75. i already have 2.1 for my htc eris and its great i love it much better then 1.5 lots more things including a navigator program for it that is totally legit and very helpful!!!! you guys are gonna love it!!!!!!!

  76. it also has a multiview of all your windows at one time!! lots more apps are also available for the 2.1 upgrade i got the leaked version and was told by a friend of mine that works at verizon wireless that he got the leaked version and it was alright to DL it from the forums here that i had nothing to worry about at all!!!!

  77. WOW… about freaking time ..now i dont have to hit my Droid with a freaking hammer ..tired of my freinds mocking me about my cell phone that it cant get flash animations.. and there cheap ass phones can UGHHHH

  78. It is now May 1 and we still do not have OTA update here in New Mexico. Wassup???

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