Feb 8th, 2010

google-nexus-oneRemember when we learned that Google’s Nexus One ETF (technically Equipment Recovery Fee) was not only a whopping $350 but also was imposed in ADDITION to T-Mobile’s ETF – and then we threw a hissy fit? Well the FCC promptly started an investigation and it looks like Google is either admitting they overdid it or doing some pre-emptive cost maneuvering – the WSJ is reporting they lowered the ETF from $350 to $150.

It’s true, it’s true… check out the new deets at “Terms of Sale for Nexus Device“:

I thought the $350 pricetag was outrageous but that wasn’t even my main complaint. I don’t understand why both T-Mobile AND Google are forcing these fees for cancellation/return. They’re systems/inventory/shipping is obviously integrated in some way if you’re able to purchase a T-Mobile contract through Google’s website, right? Do the customer a favor and condense those 2 separate ETF fees into one and choose either T-Mobile or Google to institute it.

The $150 is much more reasonable and I can appreciate the reason for its existence… but I think we’ve got a long way to go in terms of transparency and consumer education with these fees. At least this is a start.

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