LEGO Robot Car Controlled By HTC Hero Android Phone


This is a pretty cool look into the future of Android capabilities and with those new Bluetooth APIs I’m sure we’ll be seeing stuff like this come out for consumers as well. The LEGO Mindstorms robot below is controlled with an HTC Hero accelerometer and actually it connects via Wi-Fi (not Bluetooth). Check out the video:

Call me a dork but I’m really eager to start using my phone to control other physical objects. Home entertainment systems, lights, security cameras, coffee pots, toy robots, you name it!

[ENEA, Recombu, Gizmodo]

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  1. cool… though i doubt this would make a good commercial :P

  2. I’m working on a Bluetooth Version for devices with 1.5, 1.6 or eclair. Much better than wifi.

  3. There’s an app called gmote that u can control your computer kinda in the same way

  4. i suck balls, like big donkey balls

  5. Its cool to be able to do this. But the problem is many of the devices have no wireless control options or they are controlled with InfraRed remotes. So some kind of hardware adapter will be required to be able to control these devices. On top of this devices like ethernet connected security cameras have no standard protocol to control them. It will be a while before we can use our smartphones as universal remotes

  6. Nice! Is there an app for this? If so, what is it called?

  7. My own version:

    It’s a 4×4 drone controlled by an android phone via bluetooth.

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