HTC Legend Coming March 2010?


We saw the HTC Legend leaked in a 2010 roadmap last week and now we’re getting a prettier rendering and a few more details. First of all, considering the literal definitions of “Hero” and “Legend” it isn’t all that surprising for the Legend to become a Hero successor. Based on the looks and specs it seems it might be exactly that:



A few new things you’ll find on the HTC Legend?

  • People II and Footprints II, suggesting the HTC Legend may be the first phone to have Sense UI compatible with Android 2.0
  • AMOLED screen
  • Optical trackpad

No HTC Android Phone to date has either of the 3 items mentioned above. As far as where this will end up? No clue… but the consensus seems to suggest March 2010.

[Via Ai.rs]

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  1. umm…600mhz? Pass. My only problem with the current Hero is the SLOW processor (yes the update helped, but not *that* much) – until they fix that I won’t be upgrading.


  3. 3.2 inch, 600Mhz…:(

  4. It looks amazing, I just hope they have more powerful phones with Hero-esque looks in 2011 ;)

  5. take my laptop and put make it into a phone. then i will buy it. as long as your pumping this half assed hardware then your not getting a dime from me. HAHA!

  6. Yeah really what’s up with making phones with low low space….that ain’t so dandy

  7. Seriously, another 3.2 screen? I’m a little sick of this … note to any hardware designers out there … THAT IS TOO SMALL FOR A TOUCH SCREEN KEYBOARD!

    Good lord thats so frustrating. I can handle slow cpu’s, an edge only network, custom interfaces, etc. But I can’t type with my apparently misdirected stubby seemingly over charismatic sometimes drunkenly twitchy thumbs. So try this, take your design specs, go to the bar and just grab a 5th of jack. If you can both read this AND respond in a way that doesn’t look like you just vomited on the keyboard (which you may well have done by this point) then I’ll use the on screen keyboard.

  8. Its sexy enough for me. but 1300 mAh? My behold 2 has 1500… Love that it comes with fm radio and a as good as samsung screen maybe this will be for tmobile. :)

  9. Why? Why? Why would I get this with the Nexus1 and X10 coming out with big screens and snapdragon long before march??????

  10. X10 is going to cost an arm and a leg

    Nexus surely will although sources say it would be $200 unlocked of which is near impossible but if it proves otherwise then I might just sell my behold 2

  11. @david try a T9 Keyboard, it makes each key into 2 letters, and it predicts what your gonna type. (I have no experience with the android T9 keyboard(saw it in a vid), but I use it on my old sony ericson and it makes texting easy)

  12. Is the HTC Legend going to be released as the HTC Innovation. It appears that is the name on the side of the hardware.

  13. @Chris, no. HTC Innovation is the slogan of sorts for HTC. If you look at HTC phones the battery says HTC innovation

  14. I believe HTC Innovation is on all new HTC phones. HTC just showing they are proud of their work.

  15. X10 is going to cost an arm and a leg Nexus surely will although sources say it would be $200 unlocked of which is near impossible but if it proves otherwise then I might just sell another piece. Legend Prev: http://bit.ly/htc-legend-will-be-a-legend

  16. The HTC Legend is set to land in March 2010 according to the slides, which puts it in for an appearance post the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona from 15th – 18th February.
    Details: http://bit.ly/the-htc-legend-details

  17. Feature set looks good, but seriously underwhelming….600MHz???? What’s the point if I have to wait?

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