Flash On Android: Devour Gets Lite Version, The Rest?


One thing you may have missed about the Motorola Devour is that the specs list Flash Lite support. The Motorola Droid doesn’t even have Flash support! If you’ll remember, back in November when we did our Motorola Droid Media/Web Review, we told you that while the Droid didn’t currently have flash, it would be coming in early 2010.

devour-picWell it’s early 2010 and perhaps the Motorola Devour will usher in the age of Android flash support by default. I’ll be jealous if the Motorola Devour has Flash for an extended period of time while the rest of us wait, but it appears that Adobe already has flash working on the Droid and Nexus and its only a matter of time.

But yeah, potential Devour owners weighing the device against the Palm Pre, Pixi, iPhone, Blackberries or other devices… Flash support is another round that goes to the Android-based Devour!

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  1. I’m sure though once it comes out, if we don’t see a release of Flash for the Droid or Nexus someone will make a nandroid and we’ll get it.

  2. Flash lite isn’t all that. I’ll be waiting for 10.1 from Adobe.

  3. My wife’s droid eris has flash lite by default.

  4. man please, the htc hero was the first android device with flash lite. i have the sprint hero, the flash player is great but not really nothing spectaculer. so the real question is when will the hero, devour and all the other android phones get the full flash player instead of the light verion. Can anyone answer that for me

  5. Flash is default on HTC Sense. Basically, the HTC Hero, Droid Eris, and other Sense phones have Flash lite. But since this phone isn’t on HTC Sense, which HTC never has or will release the source code for, this is going to be way easier to port over flash to other rooted android phones. We can install HTC Sense on our G1’s and/or MyTouch3G’s, but a severe lag comes with HTC Sense for low powered phones.

  6. We’ve been hearing about flash for God knows how long.Its getting boring now.I hate to agree with Steve jobs, but am starting to think Adobe is lazy.All we see is demo demo demo.when would we have the real thing, 2020?

  7. I agree with you gad..its really bad how its taking them so long to even think about putting it on mobile devices.Im tired of waiting and im ready to just give up.Over 90 percent of the internet uses flash and now that Full HTML has came to mobile devices we should have been had Flash..the internet feels empty without it..They are lazy and they need to straighten up.

  8. agreed….they’ve been pushing the “Droid Does” for so long, but can’t say that much longer….

  9. Why does everyone want flash? I hate flash. I purposefully don’t install flash on my PCs why would I want it on my phone? You already have a youtube app, do you want to be able to view ads?

  10. So that you can watch movies/videos on websites like fox.com hulu.com etc! Flash is used to display movies and video’s of shows/movies/pron all over the internet. It’s the main way to view video. Without it you are truely not able to get the internet video experiance. Thats why every one wants flash, myself included.

  11. I will have to say, not being able to watch movies/shows and so on from my android is frustrating ( moto cliq ) so a flash would be great. Make it happen already!

  12. mostly for xm/sirius. i dont want to have to carry around an ipod and hope for a wifi signal or buy another portable satellite radio to listen. agreed, flash is mandatory for internet usage, otherwise we would just carry a book around

  13. so where is the flash file that makes it all work?

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