Jan 29th, 2010

Earlier this month the folks at Adobe got Flash 10.1 working on the two latest and greatest Android Phones: the Motorola Droid and Nexus One. I’m assuming only paperwork, details, network testing and an OTA are keeping Droid and Nexus owners from enjoying flash on their mobile device – a convenience iPad/iPhone owners won’t  have. I’ve reached out to Adobe for further information and will let you folks know if/when I hear back.

Whether or not we get an OTA update in the next few weeks, Adobe will be at Mobile World Congress displaying Flash 10.1 working on a wide array of devices. Shall we hope many of those devices are Android-based? With Flash support, Android will have yet another leg up on the competition but more importantly, will provide an even better mobile experience to all of us.

Video, games and web browsing FTW!