Flash Ready For Droid & Nexus One, OTA Please?


Earlier this month the folks at Adobe got Flash 10.1 working on the two latest and greatest Android Phones: the Motorola Droid and Nexus One. I’m assuming only paperwork, details, network testing and an OTA are keeping Droid and Nexus owners from enjoying flash on their mobile device – a convenience iPad/iPhone owners won’t  have. I’ve reached out to Adobe for further information and will let you folks know if/when I hear back.

Whether or not we get an OTA update in the next few weeks, Adobe will be at Mobile World Congress displaying Flash 10.1 working on a wide array of devices. Shall we hope many of those devices are Android-based? With Flash support, Android will have yet another leg up on the competition but more importantly, will provide an even better mobile experience to all of us.

Video, games and web browsing FTW!

Rob Jackson
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  1. “Adobe will be at Mobile World Congress displaying Flash 10.1 working on a wide array of Android devices. Shall we hope many of those devices are Android-based?”

    Is it just me or does the above quote look strange to anyone else also? My proofreading services are available 24/7….

  2. FLASH DO WANT. Can they hurry up and give it to us Nexus one users??

  3. It’s not just you CJ. I think its the “Shall we hope” that stands out? I am really looking forward to seeing Flash in action on my phone.
    I hope it will be released as an apk so that users like myself with a custom rom, can install/uninstall it if we like/dislike it.

  4. With HTML5 supported by our mobile browsers, is this relevant?

  5. SWEET….thanks Adrian

  6. Its revelent because 75% of web video is flash based.

  7. It was relevant but so were horses in the 1700’s. It might have been nice last year when they said they would release it but I for one can do without a bug and exploit filled idea from the 90’s.

  8. Yes please, enable flash so I can be advertised at even more. *d* FTW.

  9. I think what CJ is pointing out is that in one sentence he’s hoping for Android based phones to be on display at MWC while in the sentence preceeding he says, “Adobe will be at Mobile World Congress displaying Flash 10.1 working on a wide array of Android devices”.

  10. Spell fail; *preceding

  11. I assume the Hero will get this too.
    I mean we already run flash lite quite well :)

  12. If you dont want flash, dont use it, simple as that. The rest of us will enjoy our free gaming and streaming tv shows and music. Whats that you say? Ill have to sit through a 20 second commercial?? THE HORRROR!!! Oh wait, thats exactly how it is on my pc……….in that case I WELCOME advertising, small price to pay for such kick-assness.(Yes, I just made that up, wanna fight about it?)

  13. Although I’m sure sites likes hulu will probably just disable our ability to watch like they did with the ps3, so I wouldn’t get too excited about being able to do that.

  14. @ Nero – Grammar Nazi. lol jk. I can’t wait for the Flash support. I agree with “Legion” and all of their kick-assness

  15. Any word on whether this will be attached to only the default browser? I use the Dolphin browser, and I’m hoping that it will be supported.

  16. OMG yes finally I will be able to play my Facebook games from my phone when I’m at work!!

  17. Why does my HTC Hero support Flash and it is not supported for other android phone? :)

  18. The resale value of my Droid just jump up 200 dollars.

  19. @ Z-liberator – The hero only supports flash lite which is basically a port of actionscript 2 and not a full flash player.

  20. “we still have a lot of work to do” isnt that what they said ten months ago?

  21. If you hate flash because of the ads, what makes you think you won’t when coded in HTML5? They’ll be harder to block for one thing.

  22. Yeah this has been long long awaited. Once its out I am sure apple will jump on the flash train. ..sure hope this comes out this year. ..sure will be dandy if this comes out and works well this year

  23. G1 should get it first or at least have gotten it yesterday.

  24. @cj and jones you guys are fools read the article again!!!!!! Dummies

  25. When will flash be available for the Droid? Anyone know?

  26. My HTC MAGIC have htc flash player :D
    work greats

  27. wtf is taking so long to get this anyway?

  28. PLEASE give us Motorola Droid users Flash!!!

  29. And how’d about maybe even fixing the voice dial so that I can use voice dial with my bluetooth???? Droid DOESN’T do that!

  30. “wtf is taking so long to get this anyway?”

    because of apple. adobe wants to get it so right so they can be like. see it’s not bad on power usage. take that apple. they are working extra hard to get stuff like hardware support working.

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