Making Of The Nexus One: Video Series


We just told you about the upcoming accessories for the Nexus One spotted in a Google-made video. Well, perhaps we were getting ahead of ourselves because we hadn’t even told you about the video series itself! Right now there are only 2 “Episodes” but since you can see there are 3 more episodes on the way:

Episode 1: Concept & Design

Episode 2: Display & 3D Framework

Episodes 3, 4 and 5 coming February 6th, 7th and 8th (respectively).


When they are published you can find them here.

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Future Nexus One Accessories Spotted In Video

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  1. They are going to release a video, on the day of the Superbowl, and they really expect for people to watch it????

  2. Honestly,the second video explains the reason behind Google’s fragmenting of android because each version is optimized around a specific chipset. Maybe they should start some standardization with snapdragon or something like that

  3. Why didn’t they start showing these right before it came out to get people excited? Does anybody honestly care to watch these guys talk big like they made something revolutionary? Maybe if it’d had a front facing camera, HD capture, Android OS update worthy of being called 2.0.1, actual full multi network compatibility, or something that really advanced android, then they could talk all high and mighty. Mehxus One? Give me an HTC Bravo with a slide out keyboard and front facing camera and then I’ll be happy.

  4. Is that the HTC Supersonic I see in the first video? :P

  5. Ah dangit never mind it’s just a Nexus One screen.

  6. @jbilly
    Operating systems have forever had to deal with new hardware while offering backwards compatibility with older hardware. That doesn’t mean your older hardware is going to get new functionality it doesn’t have, but the old functionality should work with the new version of the OS. Problems can arise if you don’t watch it, and allow the OS to become bloated and slow down older hardware. I think people pay too much attention to the numbers, and not enough on the experience.. for some phones, it may be more desirable to have point releases.. say an improved version of 1.6 rather than going to 2.0 .. I’d much rather have a tweaked version of 1.6 that made my phone better, than to bloat my phone with 2.0 functions that would not work with my hardware. However, I know how people think, and it’s tough to convince them that 1.6.5 could be better than 2.0 .. all I have to say to that is Vista.

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