Future Nexus One Accessories Spotted In Video


Any of you Nexus One fans seen the video below of the creation of the Google Nexus One? Well, keep your eyes peeled because they give you a shot of some already available, and, hopefully, soon to be available accessories. There appears to be a dock with a slot to charge a spare battery also what looks like it could be the car dock.

Shall we hazard a guess as to when we can expect to see these new Nexus One accessories?

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. You can see them at 3.23

  2. Not so fast :)
    To the left of Nexus One is a ancient HP iPAQ desktop cradle. You can find it here
    Not shure what the thing is to the right of Nexus One.

  3. i love my nexus one ………

  4. Stop the video at 3:24. The thing on the right hand side is the car dock with the suction cup and a metal rod that can swivel the phone/gps in either direction along with the snap on casing which holds Nexus One. :)

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