Apple Outlaws Mentions Of Android In App Store


So you’ve got an application that isn’t ONLY available on the iPhone – it could be on Android, WebOS, WinMo, BlackBerry and other platforms. In your “description” you may want to let users know, and heck, maybe you got an award or something in one of the platforms and want to show users you’re product is noteworthy. Sound fair? Not according to Steve Jobs.

If it’s Android you want to mention you better think again. Flash Of Genius, developers of an app called SAT Vocab 2.2, have had the following description in the iPhone App Store:


They have just posted (on their blog) a letter they received from Apple suggesting they remove the mention of Google Android or else have their app removed from the App Store:

Dear Flash of Genius, LLC,

Thank you for submitting Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab 2.2 to the App Store.  During our review of your application, we found that your application contains inappropriate or irrelevant platform information in the Application Description and/or Release Notes sections.

Providing future platform compatibility plans or other general platform references are not relevant in the context of the iPhone App Store.  While your application has not been rejected, it would be appropriate  to remove “Finalist in Google’s Android Developer’s Challenge!”  from the Application Description [Emphasis added].

Please log into iTunes Connect to make appropriate changes to the Application Description now to avoid an interruption in the availability of Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab 2.2 on the iPhone App Store.


iPhone Developer Program

Apple definitely has the right to do this… it just seems… overly defensive. Doesn’t it make them seem scared of Google and Android? Perhaps they should be! Meanwhile Flash Of Genius are just wondering how they can leverage their success on Android to show iPhone users they should give the software a shot!

braveheartI’m severely doubting Google cares whether or not you mention Apple or any other competitors in the Android Market. Do whatever the heck you want!

You can take our description… but you cannot take… OUR FREEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

[Via Gizmodo]

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  1. Wow lol. Apple confines get even tighter! I hate that company more each day. Freedom & Openness are the future, and also very necessary in the tech world.

  2. It is all out War now!

    To Apple (S. Jobs): “You know of course, this means war!?!”

    To Google: “Damn the torpedoes! Full Steam Ahead! Ramming Speed!”

  3. Next Apple will take their ball and go home too. Thats cool, their ball is somewhat like a cricket ball thats outdated and no one cares about, so I’ll stick with the football everyone will keep paying attention to =)

  4. I love apple computers and I love the iPod… But I F***ing hate the control that they hold on the apps for the iphone. I would never be caught with an iphone, even if it was given to me. Steve-o can take all his millions and shove them where the sun don’t shine! I waited forever to be one of the first to have the G1 and I will always remain faithful to android! GO DROIDS, kick some iphone ass.

  5. dude, i wonder who is evil now?

  6. Now with Apple being a complete “Dr. No”, my decision to go Android is sealed. The only deal-breaker for me was if Apple, especially with the purchase of Lala, was going to make their iTunes a streaming service (not just an upload-and-store service). Every indication says no, so now there’s NO advantage to the iPhone, and they’re just plain stingy. I have an inexpensive Napster account (~$7 a month) where I can play unlimited songs on my computer, plus get 5 MP3’s for download every month, to own, without DRM. I can play them on any phone, including the Nexus One. And I will be able to use my same MicroSD card I use now in my Windows Mobile (16 GB). Or I can upgrade to a 32 GB card for minimal cost (compared to getting a higher capacity iPhone!) FREEEDOMMM, indeed!

  7. Actually taking our freedom is what Apple is all about..!

  8. Wow this is happening faster then I thought, Steven Jobs and Apple are already getting scared of Android, this is great :D

  9. @The_Omega_Man… “Damn the torpedoes!” Don’t you mean “Man the torpedoes”? Why damn an inanimate object? I joke, but seriously :p

  10. I really don’t think Apple should have this right. I do not understand why we value our freedom from government so much more strongly from our freedom from corporations. If we do not like our government we have the choice to move to another government. Yet it is socially acceptable for a corporation to exert their “right” to define how we speak in their house.

  11. ^^
    Apples and oranges.
    Every piece of the App Store was created by Apple and they have the right to dictate what is and isn’t shown on it. Sure it’s a lame move but it’s their right. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that it’s a public forum where everyone has freedom of speech.

    If you have a problem you have the right and freedom to not participate. A government, however, cant just be ignored. You can’t stop paying taxes because you don’t like the president. But if you don’t like Apple you can just stop sending them your money.

  12. I guess its their right. They don’t want anyone to advertise any other platform even if he didn’t mean it .

  13. It’s easy to get out your Openness Flag and start waving proudly when hearing news like this, but remember: openness is the double-edged sword that allowed viruses in the Market.

  14. Ha ha ha. Apple is so scared. They have the iCandy effect on so many people. Tons of people are so loyal to the iCrap (okay it’s a sexy phone) they don’t have to worry. I think they don’t see that there isn’t a sexier fone on the market (yet!) But maybe they should. Cause the minute there’s a hot fone out there…..
    Yes for me looks are a deciding factor. Although I still flant bland G1.

  15. Apple is such a douche canoe. Nice Braveheart plug, btw.

  16. @ iddqd: spoke like true apple fanboy,your day will come when steve blow job. will take away your iphone’

  17. I think it’s great… this takes away all illusions about Apple. Disallowing all mention of a competitor is an adolescent, controlling move which certainly puts Apple/Job’s essential character out there for all to see!

    Google/Android looks even better by comparison – but I also use them because they are making some good products, they are working to improve and grow, and they support open platform and innovation, which I agree is the future!

    I think I might be embarrassed to carry an Apple product, even although many are terrific – and gorgeous… but that’s just me…

  18. You say Apple has the right. I think not. Apple has abused our rights. You pay big money for a device that you have no right to do anything but what Apple wants. You cannot add apps that are not in the Marketplace to your device like you can with Android. This in itself should be illegal.

    Heck, to even add an app that you wrote yourself, you have to pay Apple for the right to add it. This should be illegal. Once you buy the device, you should be able to do what you want with it.

    In addition, they force developers through a process that is completely arbitrary. Why was Google Voice rejected? Why did the FCC question that?

    It is time for the government to get involved. I think the reason they gave the developer above is a bunch of B.S. Platform compatibility or awards an app received on other platforms may not be relevant to Apple, but it is to the buyer.

    I think it is time for the government go after Apple for iTunes and the App Store like it did with Microsoft over Windows, IE, and Media Player. (At least Microsoft never stopped you from installing competitors of IE and Media Player).

  19. This is going to get interesting this year.

  20. So they will ban Dev’s who support other platforms? Wow, wonder of this was done when the Dev’s supported WinMo or Plam OS… other INFERIOR OS’s. Funny to see that it’s not all really about supporting innovation but control over profits. APPLE has ALWAYS been in a straight-jacket when it comes to their products, ever since I can remember (IIe days). It “IS” their shortcoming and will hurt them, again and again as it always has, just wait and see. YES, Steve J is nervous as hell, because APPLE sold a lot of phones(4Q), but interestingly their market share remained the same, what does that tell ya’? hahaha, GO Android!

  21. does anyone remember when microsoft was the big bad software nazi? and apple used to have those commercials where the guy chucked a hammer or something at the big IBM screen to start a revolution against conformity and stifling control? maybe google should make a commercial with people smashing iphones to start a revolution. lmao @ steve jobs and his crapple crew

  22. also @ iddqd : when massive multi-national corporations are the only ones building up cell-phone and data networks, and are the only ones selling these sweet a$$ phones, WHAT ARE U GONNA DO? I certainly can’t go out and do those things, i’m not gonna be building an Sphone anytime soon lol. so yeah, we DO get a right to complain.

  23. Thanks for posting this on Twitter. I am astounded at the nerve of Apple. So much for free speech!

  24. I’m curious whether the guys at Flash of Genius have been punished for sharing this info with us. Has the app been kicked out of the appstore after their blog post? kinda brave of them to hang out steve j’s dirty underwear.

  25. Love it!

    My iPhone was stolen and I was pissed at AT&T so I decided I was going Android. Set up my new account with a new company and had my android. Had it for a week. It sucks.

    By the way, are you aware that if you had “Finalist in Apple’s iPhone Developer’s Challenge!” they would also have you remove it?

    Or “Finalist in Betty Crocker’s Bakeof Challenge!” They would also have you remove it?

    It’s pretty obvious you are not familliar with licensing legalities. They are not only protecting themselves, they are protecting you.

    What’s even more amusing is all the lemmings on here also choose to believe your “hate” slant and are running with it.

    You might want to consider hiring an IP attorney for any apps you do. Not only will you make more $$, you will save yourself from worry.

  26. It’s worth remembering, guys, that you can opt out of owning any Apple products. You can’t opt out of a government. Of course they have the right.

  27. It really is humorous. I think its funny that Apple is getting so defensive. I guess they enjoyed being on top with no challengers for so long that now, when its getting rough, they can’t take the heat. Too bad they sat on their success and forgot to keep innovating. 2010 truly is the year of Android.

  28. Apple has never been able to make headway with desktop computing, they are reduced to selling gadgets. (ipods and iphones). So, Mr Jobs is fearful of losing marketshare of his iphone gadget for the same reason he looses desktop market share. People want choices. This scares him, and causes him to behave badly as recently demonstrated.

  29. This only hurts the developer which is piss poor on Apple’s part. Maybe they stop approving apps for developers who support both platforms? Who knows what crap they will pull this year?! I do think something should be done because the developer also has rights. I would def look at an app that won an “I-Phone Dev Comp” if it was in the description of the App in the Android market.

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