Google Maps Update Brings Pinch To Zoom To Moto Droid


Just in case you haven’t noticed the market update for the newest edition of Google Maps, go check it out now! The newest version, 3.4.0, brings full multi touch pinch to zoom to the Motorola Droid. As a Droid owner myself, I am happy to see more multi touch applications and hopefully we will see more apps using multi touch technology. Any other Droid owners getting excited for what’s to come?


  • Starred items synchronized with
  • Search suggestions from you search history.
  • Multi-touch-Android 1.6 does not support the multi touch addition


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  1. how about pinch to zoom on my G1? ;p

  2. I wonder if the internet browser can be updated through the market. That would be better than waiting for verizon to push the update.

  3. I am very excited about this. I got the update earlier, but I had no idea it had pinch to zoom. I’m glad Google isn’t forgetting us Droid owners!

  4. i want a multitouch browser

  5. i want pinch to zoom avatar 3d imax experience

  6. “Multi-touch-Android 1.6 does not support the multi touch addition”
    that is BS – “pinch n zoom” works fine (for non-goolge apps) on my 1.5 Magic, it should be “supported”! :(

  7. @G, are you talking about a magic with sense? that’s completely different as it is not google’s implementation of multi-touch. it’s htc’s

    anyway, you shouldn’t assume that the only ones with eclair are droids! I’m using it perfected well on my magic.

  8. I have MT on my rooted G1, it work amazingly well.. I have a custom ROM by someone called SuperD on the XDA forums, then added the 3.4 update, also on the XDA forums.. Its a shame the G1 does not get these updates sooner, most people are stuck on stock Donut 1.6..

  9. But the Navigation does not work for who is outside the U.S., and mulitouch really did not work on my G1, with Android 1.6
    The Navigation I use a modified version:

  10. MT does not work on Maps v3.4 on the G1. I have a G1 with Cyanogen’s 1.6+ ROM and another G1 with Manup’s Eclair 2.1 ROM. It doesn’t work on either of the two. So it’s not a Eclair vs 1.6, but hardware dependent.

    It’s interesting though that John’s G1 has it working with a different ROM. Anyone with Cyno or Manup ROM got MT working in Maps?

  11. >JAG wrote on February 5, 2010
    > i want a multitouch browser

    The Dolphin Browser is MultiTouch

  12. yea it works just find with open eclair (2.1) in fact its smoother than the multitouch on the browser, but it’s not working with cyan’s 1.6 edition, maybe an apk release or time for cyanogen to go 2.1 once the g1 finally gets it

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