Seesmic Update Allows Multiple Twitter Accounts On One Phone


seesmic-logoThere are a LOAD of twitter applications out there. I’m not sure what integer a “load” equates to… but a heckuva lot and gigantum proportion would be good synonyms. One of the more popular of those is Seesmic and with a recent update to the free app, it is set to become even more popular.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

In addition to the huge advantage of multiple accounts, several minor updates and performance enhancements were made. Check out some of them:

  • Adding an Extra Large text size option
  • Your profile information (avatar, number of following and followers,…) will now be updated automatically
  • Changing your Twitter account password will now be handled by the application
  • Composer now auto-corrects and auto-capitalize your words and sentences
  • Notifications are now cleared when the application is accessed from Launcher
  • Easily changing default account from the application’s Settings
  • Can remove a Twitter account simply by pressing on it

Are you a Seesmic user? Do you prefer a different Twitter App on Android? Will these improvements push you to give this app a try?

[Via Seesmic Blog]

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  1. Its a good twitter app for being free. But doesn’t even compare to TwidroidPro in terms of use and polished interface.

  2. I’ve used twidriod and swift, but seesmic is by far the best and most polished apparently for twitter on android.

  3. As I said on another article regarding the same thing…

    This was my preferred app out of all the ones I tried…

    I switched to TweetCaster because it was the only free app that I knew of that supported multiple accounts…

    Now that Seesmic has it…I’ve gone back to using it…

    And it’s great! =D

  4. Well I’ll give this a try since I just use Twidroid for one account and Swift for another right now. Problem is I can’t nail down which Twitter app I like the best. They all have at least 1 huge fault each that keeps me from ‘loving’ just one.

  5. Here is a new apps that should be released in february (15th I think)… It looks really cool

  6. I’ve tried Seesmic but went with Twidroid (free) instead. This video makes me want to give Seesmic a shot, though. Does Seesmic have integration like Twidroid does?

  7. The only thing making me hold on to Twitroid Pro is that in notifications, you can read the whole @reply or DM without opening the application; Seesmic cuts it off. Also, I like that Twitroid stays in memory as an icon at the top; keeps one of my home page spots free for another shortcut.

  8. twidroid pro all the way. however i have not tried seesmic lol

  9. Wow, they finally added a feature that should have been there from day 1 considering all the top Twitter apps for Android already had it…. Anyway, it’s nice but I won’t be leaving TwiDroid for it.

  10. The best Android Twitter clients are Tweetcaster and seesmic , but the problem is that they both lacks a widget .

  11. I wish they port tweetie to android or maybe tweetdeck. I heard tweetcaster is great also.

  12. Twigee is the best free Twitter client IMO. It trumps seesmic and twidroid in all areas.

  13. How do you change your account password on Seesmic?

  14. I really think twitter sucks, sounds cool. Best twitter client is on HTC Hero/Eris on their Sense UI apps on the phone try it

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