Vodafone UK Getting Xperia X10 In April


Here ye, here ye, Xperia X10 fans in the UK! If you’ve been looking for a solid date that you’ll be able to take ahold of the Sony Ericsson Android phone that has been lighting up the rumor scene for what seems like YEARS – your wait is now limited.

Vodafone UK is showing an April release on their website:


Is this phone, despite all the delays, still in your crosshairs? Hit up the Xperia X10 Forum to talk with others eager for the XperiaDroid!

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Xperia X1 Booting Android

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  1. This phone is already out of date :/

  2. link to forum is wrong…

  3. sadly, I agree with G8D…

  4. @G8D

    How exactly is the phone already out of date? If you’re talking about the firmware, SE have already said they will release 2.1 for the X10 as soon as it is ready.

  5. @sam
    which could be never..

  6. That phone is better than 99% of phones on the market today. It’s not out of date.

  7. Been waiting for this phone for months but now it looks like the htc supersonic might be arriving about the same time and will feature 2.1 straight from the box, I am more likely to buy the htc.

    If the xperia gets 2.1 on release I will buy it because of the camera and rachael looks good but no 2.1 no sale for me.

  8. recently had ones of these in my hands, very nice, racheal UI may be a little over the top for some though.

  9. i tottaly agree with ian. the htc SUPERSONIC will be the best phone on the market … Why i think it is better then the X10 : I simply dont’t believe Sony can handle the OS. I looked the videos of the x10 for month an there is no single video on which the phone shows a smooth and competitive running Android. The deliviering with Android 1.6 is also an indicator for that. And the phone is out of date ! no OLED display,only 256MB RAM, 13mm thickness, and the ridiculous try to make an android skin which is not half as good as SENSE of HTC…
    i really hope the Supersonic will be released on MWC. so we all see how a new Smartphone should look like.

  10. I received an email from t-mobile loyalty team, stating that the X10 will be available through them on 29th March 2010, about 2 days earlier than Vodafone.

  11. Ok, a few facts of life, unlike almost every android phone released to date, SE have spent a long time developing it, rather than throwing something together, and they have used their years of experience to add some very useful features to their phone.

    Firstly there is the face recognition function that ‘automatically’ tags those people in the photo (think facebook photo album on steriods).

    TimeScape is a brilliant way of pulling ALL of your communication mediums, SMS, IM, FB, Twitter etc. together so you never end up missing that important status update that leaves you out of the loop.

    MediaScape I would agree that this may be a take it or leave it application, depending on weather music and videos are your bag.

    As for spec, a few corrections or items glossed over.
    Processor: Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon 1 GHz processor (that is the fastest processor currently available on any android phone)
    Memory: 384 MB RAM (that is twice as much as the memory on my G1, that still manages Copilot, Openhome, Facebook, Flyscreen, Shopsavy – which by the way runs sooooooo much faster on the G1 than the iPhone, Handcent, K9, Amazon MP3 Store).
    8MP Camera with flash.

    So rather than a out of date, this, apart from the version of the os, and that will play catchup with the OTA, is one of the most upto the minute phones on the market.

  12. I agree with supersonic. I have a nexus one but my first live was the x10 now that love is gone. …I live my nexus one now
    …good bye x10.

  13. Good comment Paul. …I only hope your right. …

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