Gigabyte Android: Late 2010, Nothing Like Pictured


Flying from Las Vegas back to Baltimore, we showed you leaked pictures of the Gigabyte GSmart Android Phone. To refresh your memory… they are the pictures below:


Welp, hate to tell you but they’re fake. Matt from TraceyAndMatt spoke with a close connection at Gigabyte who said while they ARE working on an Android Phone that will appear late in 2010 at the earliest, NONE of the prototypes they’re working on look anything like the images above.

The next few phones Gigabyte will release are based on WinMo and the GigaDroid might not launch until 2011… if at all. So hopefully that is all cleared up for the time being. Unless, ya know, Matt’s connect was trying to throw him off the trail with a fake scent! Doubt it.

Rob Jackson
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  1. C’mon people, start making red phones already! Why only a couple Androphones aren’t damn black?

  2. Wow, looks like an HTC Magic, except they removed the protective curve, causing it to rest directly on the giant trackball when turned over.

    Not a very inspiring fake.

  3. And what about pictures and specifications :

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