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Well I’m thousands of feet above the ground, flying from Las Vegas to Atlanta to Baltimore, and thankfully I’ll soon be in a city without a never-ending road of casinos lined with random people handing out the escort/stripper equivalent of baseball cards. Part of me can’t wait to be home because Vegas is EXHAUSTING but the other part of me is just ridiculously anxious to get back on pace with posting article after article of Android goodness as you’ve gotten used to over the past 2 years.

My laptop has an hour of battery left… so let’s see how much catching up we can do in that time:

Motorola Motoroi Captured On Video
The multi-touch support is anything but flawless and when the Motoroi comes to the states and elsewhere in the world, who knows what will be include natively, but check out this video to see what you can expect. At least from the South Korean version:

SlideScreen Hits Android Market: Info Brain Freeze For $6.99 (Or Ad-Supported & Free)
If you’re sick of the same old homescreen on your Android phone you may want to take a gander at SlideScreen which just landed on Android Market . The application, which completely rethinks what a homescreen should be by focusing on “information feeds” rather than icons, is now available for $6.99 for the pro version and free with the ad-supported variation. The guys at MobileCrunch like it and I agree that it is original… but I think daily use would result in a headache. Decide for yourself:

HTC Supersonic Runs Android, Rocks WIMAX
Say hello to what could be the first ever Android-powered phone with WIMAX connectivity. Don’t forget that Google has a stake in the company behind WIMAX 4G but excitement over the standard has died down terribly since LTE seems to have become the “future” so to speak. Time will tell but for now check out what Engadget’s trusted tipster said including: 4.3-inch screen, HD2-ish, 11mm thick, kickstand on the back, Android 2.1 with HTC Sense, and more.

GSmart Android Phone By Gigabyte
We already told you that there was a strong possibility Gigabyte would be making Android Phones and now we’re receiving word it will be part of their GSmart line although no name is given yet. But let’s make it up to you…. with pictures!
Unwired View also has some specs – check em here.

T-Mobile Pulse Getting Android 2.0 In April
Unless T-Mobile nixes the plan and refuses the update, Huawei fully plans to support their “Pulse” Android phone with an Android 2.1 upgrade. They said it should be ready for T-Mobile to approve by April and you’ll be getting the update directly from them. Enjoy. [Via Leakdroid]

LG InTouch Max Makes Way To T-Mobile UK, Virgin Mobile
LG has just pulled a Prince and announced the phone formerly known as the LG Etna GW620 is now the InTouch Max. Fortunately they aren’t going with a symbol but that doesn’t mean people weren’t left confused: they initally announced the phone in September and T-Mobile UK thought they were launching in the device in February. Talk about the OPPOSITE of being “InTouch”!
For more info hit up CNET’s Crave.

Nexus One 3G Fix
If you’re one of the many people frustrated by the Nexus One’s lack of 3G consistency, you may want to check out what Kevin Tofel from JKonTheRun has found. Some simple tinkering of settings allowed him to get a great 3G signal. It could be coincidence, dumb luck or pure brilliance… but any way you look at it – can’t hurt to try!

3D Maps On Xperia X10
The folks at Ericsson Labs have demonstrated a new 3D satellite maps feature that they’re providing developers access to so they can create their own applications based on them. If you check out the blog post and the below video, it looks like it could be a pretty cool feature:

Motorola Shadow Render = Nexus Two/2 = Fake?
I’ve seen this floating around and it LOOKS super fake but hey – who am I to make the ultimate decision of what is real and what isn’t? I’ve been wrong before so I’ll let you guys weigh in on this: a picture purportedly of the Motorola Shadow which will become the Google Nexus Two:
[Via IntoMobile]

My battery is down to 15 minutes but fear not – I should be landing in Atlanta in an hour, will plug this bad boy in and pump out some more updates. Once I get in the air towards Baltimore it’s a short… battery dead bye!

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  1. How come you aren’t having your recruits post any of the articles?

  2. maybe cause we was poking fun about their grammar that they is got shy and then stopped the writing.

  3. Thanks for the Nexus One 3G fix info. I tried it and I haven’t seen the E system since (just 3G).

  4. This just in… Rob wanted me to tell you that his battery finally died seconds ago. He’s in the bathroom right now in the airport. wait wait.. I’m getting word that he’s doing a #2. … ok, standby… no word from his battery yet.. will let you know.

  5. Let me predict the first 3 article headlines in September:
    1. Sony Erricson introduces 3d tv to their soon to be released Xperia.
    2. Google nexus gets OTA update bringing 3d tv
    3. Sony Erricson delays Xperia until end of year

  6. @jo there is NO way, to my knowledge, that any mobile phone (in the near future) could make 3D visuals. The technology to make such video simply could not fit into a mobile phone, 3D classes or no 3D glasses.

  7. Thanx for the Nexus One info.

    Followed the settings instructions and although in a 3g area already it seems faster than before. Will try at work tomorrow which is in an O2 Uk coverage area but always getting EDGE.

    Fingers crossed

  8. i don’t like the shadow at all. man, motorola has been pure misses for me with its entire android line

  9. put something in the apps section. now.

  10. I hope the Moto Shadow will look something similar to the concept pictures that have been circulating XD since it looks soooo sweet!

  11. 3D display phones..


    Not that new. I don’t see any good reason to see things in 3D anyway (except to show it off once per person until everyone has seen it :P).

  12. The shadow pictures do look super fake but I hope they’re real, I love wrist straps/lanyards/whatever you call them

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it looked that much like just a slimmer droid too, but it will have to have the touch buttons and the “render” doesn’t seem to have them

  13. @Toby
    It was meant as a joke on how Sony continually delays the Xperia in hopes of one upping everybody else.

  14. Nexus 2/Shadow = Fake

    Handstraps are back? Oh hell no.

    SlideScreen overrated?

  15. the early pictures of “Motorola Motoroi” made me laugh, but after the newest article about it, and some slight changes in look im really interested in it. I think that might be a nexus?

    I especially like what he was doing with the widgets, is that something you can do now? or is that blur or some other custom Motorola software? also they had other widgets on that third screen that looked neat.

  16. I would love to hear some of this nexus one and X10 stuff delved into on the podcast. Hint… Do another episode, November was ages ago

  17. But Las Vegas to Baltimore is a direct flight!

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